Love In Chaos by Sam Crescent

Love In Chaos by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After the world’s population is nearly wiped out, Maggie has been able to protect herself—until now. Captured in the dead of night, she is offered to a man. A leader. Only this man isn’t a stranger. Three years ago, he was the first man she ever had a crush on. Her teacher.

Clayton would recognize Maggie anywhere. In all his years, Maggie was one who got under his skin. He thought she was dead, perished like so many others. But she’s back, and he’s not going to let her go. He wants every single part of her, hoping she won’t hold back.

She always imagined love, but she must settle for what she can get. When Clayton realizes his carelessness and that his woman could be pregnant, he screws up. His fears keep him from admitting his love for her.

Heartbroken, Maggie plans to have her baby, but she’ll protect her heart from Clayton. Is it too late, or does he already have the key to her heart?

Three years ago – when she was barely eighteen – the world as everyone knew it ended. Maggie had travelled, mostly alone and avoiding men, and until now had survived far beyond her expectations. Kidnapped while she was sleeping, Maggie is dragged as an “offering” and she’s completely shocked when she’s dragged before her old History teacher – and major crush – Mr Knight. She hadn’t expected him to remember her at all, but he does, and now the world has ended there’s nothing stopping either of them from acting on their very mutual, very adult attraction.

Readers will need to understand that this is set is a very harsh, post-apocalyptic world. There are no hearts and flowers here, no rainbows and glitter or soft, sweet world and gentle love-making. Readers who want a softer or more romantic style of story probably won’t be very satisfied with this quick read. It took me a moment to adjust my own expectations of this story, but once I did I found it an interesting albeit harder read than I had expected. I was surprised how in such a harsh and forbidding world the author did a decent job of creating a sense of intimacy – albeit one heavily laced with survival and the human instinct to band together, not a more traditional style of romance – between Clay and Maggie.

While much of the intimacy – at least initially – wasn’t overly romantic to my mind, I was really pleased when as Clay and Maggie worked together to survive and keep their crew safe and fed they slowly really did begin to built a more lasting relationship together. With the world so completely different to what we’re used to this relationship and the romance/attachments that grew weren’t what anyone could feel were standard or traditional, but I slowly came to believe with more and more strength that both Clay and Maggie truly did love each other and that their bond could survive through anything.

By the end of the story I was not only convinced that Clay and Maggie were perfect for each other, but I really genuinely believed they had a healthy and loving relationship together. That was an awesome high note for me to end this quick read on and while I admit this won’t be good for all readers, those who want something completely different and enjoy post end-of-the-world style of stories I feel it’s well worth the effort to read this.

A good albeit quite different style of story.

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