Life’s Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua

Life’s Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Life can be magical as well as painful. At any moment your entire life can change for better or for worse. The best way to enjoy the magic or survive the pain is to surround yourselves with the people who love you.

Trisha was at the point in her life where everything was coming into place as she had planned and then a personal tragedy ruins everything. What is she going to do now? Give up on her dreams and resign herself to her fate or take one day at a time and start rebuilding her life again.

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One of best parts of this tale had to do with how all of the characters treated one another. While there were times when they disagreed on certain topics, everyone was always kind and respectful to those around them. This is something that I enjoy finding to matter which genre I read. It’s heartwarming to see characters treat each other well. Honestly, these are personality traits that matter more to me than just about anything else an author could think to write about their characters.

This story included many details that slowed down the pacing of the plot. This wordiness could be found in the dialogue, setting, and descriptions of what the characters were thinking while others spoke to them. As intrigued as I was by the storyline itself, there were times when it was hard to stay focused on what I was reading because of how often the plot was interrupted by these things.

Dev and Trisha had great chemistry, especially given the unconventional way they met. I appreciated the fact that they had appropriate amounts of wariness about each other and took plenty to time to get to know one another before anything even remotely romantic happened between them. That was a sensible way to write those scenes, and it gave me plenty of time to start anticipating the thought of them possibly falling in love.

Anyone who likes slow-burning romances should take note of Life’s Not Over Yet.


  1. I think there’s alot here to enjoy, but the pacing would irritate me, I think.

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