Let It Melt by Margot Johnson

Let It Melt by Margot Johnson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

How on earth did Jill, a single divorcee, land on a romantic Valentine’s Sweetheart Tour for couples? Worse, she’s paired with Jack, her daughter’s brash father-in-law, and everyone thinks he’s her valentine. Stranded in a Canadian prairie blizzard, how soon can she kiss this awkward evening goodbye?

Long divorced, Jack would love to charm Jill with his toned body and dynamic personality, but his wisecracks and obsession with fitness get in the way—especially when he nabs a post at the same school where she teaches.

Even the most romantic month of the year can’t melt their differences and sweeten Jill’s feelings….or can it?

Romance is in the air.

Jill and Jack were both well-rounded and memorable characters. One of my favorite things about both of them was that they sometimes stumbled over their words or accidentally said things that came out the wrong way and were interpreted as a little harsh instead of the playful banter they were shooting for. These missteps endeared me to them because those generally aren’t flaws that most writers choose for their protagonists. There’s something to be said for characters who can be a bit rough around the edges like that, especially once I got to know them well enough to be sure that they would soon correct themselves with what they actually meant to say.

I only have one small criticism of this story, and it has to do with Jill’s beliefs about dating again that she shared in one of the first scenes. She had recently been divorced by a man who broke her heart. Her emotions were still so raw from that experience that she didn’t give me any indication she was ready to dip into the dating pool again. I adored this character and thought her potential love interest would be perfect for her. My only hesitation had to do with the timing of their romance. It would have been helpful to have clearer indications that she was emotionally ready for such an experience as I wanted them to have the best possible chances of ending up together forever.

Some of my favorite scenes were the ones that described Jill’s struggles with her weight and body image as she attempted to create healthier habits for herself. These were topics she could be sensitive about at times, but she was also determined to make the changes she needed to in order to improve her health. It was delightful for me to discover how Jack’s own history with fitness and nutrition could be compared to hers. The author did a wonderful job of tying their backstories together and showing me how two people with such wildly different personalities could be the perfect match.

This series does not have to be read in chronological order, but I would definitely recommend going back and checking out Let it Snowball as well to anyone who enjoys this tale.

Let It Melt was a heartwarming Valentine’s Day novella.


  1. A refreshingly honest review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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