Kangorilla by Lily Harlem

Kangorilla by Lily Harlem
Spliced book 3
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (42 pgs)
Other: M/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When scientists mess with the most primitive elements of a man’s core, the results are bound to be explosive.

Living a loveless existence is hard for any shifter, but having DNA spliced with creatures who stand out from the crowd is damn near impossible. Which is why four experimented-on souls decide to break free from the chains that hold them, climb the fences that circle them, and go in search of adventure, passion and most of all, their mates.

But nothing worth having is ever easy, and for Sharkorilla, Pugorilla, Kangorilla and Elephorilla, this is definitely the case. They’ve come to the end of one very long, hard and frustrating road, but now, with the help of men who have big hearts, they must shed their fears, accept their bodies, and be true to the desires that burn within them. The only problem is, will they get away with it?

Kangorilla – Joey has it tough. Not only has he been spliced with a kangaroo and a gorilla, he’s also been brought to the other side of the world. Feeling exploited, desperate and wishing he had love, companionship and acceptance, he takes the risk of leaving the compound in the search of happiness. But will he find it? Or has the person he’s drawn to got other ideas? It certainly seems that way as the temperature goes from boiling hot to downright frosty.

Joey might have escaped the lab with his fellow inmates, but danger still tails them. Taking a quick break in a pub near the moors, Joey is smitten by the bar-keep, Ryder and his equally delicious twin Devon. Sparks fly and what was supposed to be a short stop changes drastically as Joey realizes the importance of the twins and the chance they all could take together.

This is a hilariously fun book and bloody sexy to boot. Sit down, shut everything else out and enjoy this fun, hot short story. I couldn’t help but giggle in many places (bent as a boomerang!) even while Joey, Ryder and Devon started to steam up the pages. Despite the tongue-in-cheek aspect of a Kangaroo/Gorilla spliced human, I think Ms. Harlem has done an excellent job balancing out the cheeky good humour and the steamy romance. While I’m sure the plot is meant to be a bit of a lark, I actually really enjoyed it. There are intricacies and issues with multi-animal splicing that I’d never thought of before, and the author does a brilliant job of bringing those in and still keeping the heat simmering nicely.

I found the sex to be blisteringly hot, but also full of romance and a good, deep connection. There was no question in my mind the three sexy men would move forward in their lives together and share plenty of laughs, fun and adventures. While a part of me wished there’d been many more chapters, this gorgeous short story was deeply satisfying. I was also impressed that while this book is clearly part of a larger story – Joey’s spliced friends who had escaped with him – I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a stand alone. I usually can’t bear to read a middle story in a series, but this one really does stand perfectly well by itself.

A fun, lighthearted and sexy romp of a story I found this delicious and well-balanced both as a hot read and as a romantic story of three men coming together. Highly Recommended.

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