Insatiable by Emily Kimelman


Insatiable by Emily Kimelman
Publisher: Self
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full (204 pgs)
Rated: 4 Stars
Review by Rose

INSATIABLE is the third novel in my Sydney Rye Series of dark murder mysteries. This series feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

INSATIABLE begins with private detective Sydney Rye living a simple, disciplined life in London, but when a dangerous man from her past calls, Rye finds she cannot turn him away. Robert Maxim explains that the daughter of a powerful friend has gone missing and he wants Rye to find her. In exchange he offers her something she had given up hope of ever having; freedom from her past.

With her dog, Blue, at her side, Rye meets up with her new partner, a handsome man she’s not sure she can trust. Heading for Mexico City, they go undercover, posing as husband and wife. After meeting with the bereaved parents, Rye starts to sense that there is more going on than just a missing girl. But it isn’t until they arrive in the Yucatan Peninsula, hot on the girl’s trail in Paradise, that all hell breaks loose. Sydney has to reach out for help from old friends and deal with the consequences of her past, if she’s going to find the girl and keep them all alive.

Emily Kimelman takes us into the life of Sydney Rae, a woman who is strong out of necessity. Her life has been shaped by circumstances, but she’s risen above them to –in a large part– take charge of her own life. In the meantime, she reaches out to others to protect them as well.

The action of this book is fast paced, and the mystery is gripping. All things you look for in a mystery. However, the strong point of this book is the characters. They aren’t one-dimensional, but they come to life for the reader. Sydney’s not perfect, but her flaws are ones you can relate to. One of my favorite characters is Blue–I’m a sucker for a dog in a book, especially when they have an important role to play. Blue is Sydney’s confidant and someone she can trust and rely on. He’s integral to the story.

The book is full of twists and the mystery actually remained a mystery until close to the end. Good job, Ms. Kimelman! I recommend this for any lovers of an exciting, solidly plotted mystery.


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  2. Thanks for reviewing INSATIABLE! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  3. Catherine says:

    A fast-paced and gripping mystery? Sounds great. What a good review–it makes me definitely want to read it.
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  4. Love the cover! And I really like the sound of a fast paced mystery with a dog as one of the characters.

  5. Very nice review and cover



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