Unleashed by Emily Kimelman

Unleashed by Emily Kimelman
Publisher: Self
Genre: Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full (341 pgs)
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

When this story starts Sydney Rye is named Joy Humbolt. She does not like people telling her what to do, so it comes as no surprise that she was just fired from her last job. When she buys Charlene Miller’s dog-walking business on Manhattan’s exclusive upper east side, it seems like the perfect fit: Quiet environment, minimal contact with people.

But then one of her clients turns up dead, and Charlene disappears. Rumors say Charlene was having an affair with the victim–and of course, everyone assumes Joy must know where she is. Joy begins to look into the crime, first out of curiosity then out of anger when there is another murder and threats start to come her way.

When police detective Mulberry is assigned to the case, Joy finds a kindred spirit–cynical and none-too-fond of the human race. As they dig deep into the secrets of Manhattan’s elite, they not only get closer to the killer but also to a point of no return. One last murder sends Joy Humbolt hurtling over the edge. Her only chance of survival is to become Sydney Rye.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the third book in this series a few months ago here — there’s nothing like doing things backwards. Fortunately, enough time has passed and things have been busy enough since March that I was able to enjoy this first book in the Sydney Rye series just as much as I did the last! In fact, I’m ready to read the second and then the third book again as soon as things slow down.

Emily Kimelman has created a heroine who doesn’t take any flack off anyone–which sometimes leads to issues when it comes to jobs. She lucks into a deal where she buys a dog walking business, but something smells about the whole deal…and it’s not long before Joy Humbolt finds herselt deep into murder and corruption. People think she’s privy to information she doesn’t have–but how do you prove a negative? Not that they are giving her a chance to try.

This book is edge-of-the-seat exciting–and I hope the series will continue. I really really like the heroine, even more so since I know now how she got from point A to point B. Thanks, Ms. Kimelman…and I’m ready for some more adventures with Sydney Rye and Blue.


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  2. Thanks for sharing about my Sydney Rye Box Set and for reviewing UNLEASHED. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as INSATIABLE and that you love Sydney and Blue so much. I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Excellent review! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that this was the third in the series. I’ll have to get on that!

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