Hunting a Lady by Cari Z. and Caitlin Ricci

Hunting a Lady by Cari Z. and Caitlin Ricci
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical
Length: Short Story (52 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet, F/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Shortly before completing her journeyman training in leather working, Jessa’s master dies, leaving her at the cruel, vile hands of his son Brent. When the local lord’s daughter, Marguerite, is kidnapped and a reward is offered for her rescue, finding her first is a chance at escape that Jessa can’t ignore.

But when Jessa locates Marguerite, the story isn’t quite as simple as a kidnapping. Unfortunately, Jessa’s not the only one out for the reward, and if she hopes to claim it she’s first got to keep them both alive…

Rescuing the damsel in distress isn’t always as easy as it may appear.

At first I was a little puzzled by Jessa’s acceptance of her lot in life. Her living and working conditions were incredibly poor even for a woman of her social standing. Seeing how she reacted to all of the unpleasant things she had to endure gave me a great deal of insight into her personality, though, and her unflappable response to her hard circumstances made me like her a lot. She’s the kind of person I’d want to have nearby in a crisis.

One of the characters consistently made decisions that I had a hard time understanding. Her choices simply didn’t make sense given everything else I’d learned about her personality and background. There was no logical reason for her to do the things she did based on what I knew about her. Had her reasons for acting in this manner been explained in better detail, I would have felt comfortable choosing a higher rating for this story.

The villains in this tale were deliciously dangerous. I was genuinely concerned that they might disrupt Jessa and Marguerite’s plans. The tension they added to the plot was a nice addition, especially once I realized why they did some of the things they did. It did take a little guesswork to figure out the villains’ motives, but it was rewarding to have the opportunity to piece it all together.

Give Hunting a Lady a try if you’re in the mood for an adventure.

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