How Not To Date A Centaur by Stephanie Burke

How Not To Date A Centaur by Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Good girl Kiara Stone only wanted to have a little fun for once in her life, and parachuting over Cambodia seemed like a thrill. But crash landing through a mountain and landing in the land of the centaurs was almost too much.

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Kiara was enjoying her parachuting course in Cambodia – right up until the moment some unusually high winds had her instructor bailing out on her, literally, cutting the cord tethering them together and leaving Kiara to fend for herself as she tried to navigate her descent down a mountain and back onto green, safe, firm land. When Kiara lands in a tree, for a moment she’s beyond grateful simply to be alive. An accident has Kiara not only warmly embraced into a clan of Centaur’s, but hailed as their savior and Goddess. When Zeethan and Xaylu are given to Kiara can the three of them make this new arrangement work?

I really enjoyed this sexy short story. While the concept of the story was pretty out there – Kiara parachuting into a group of Centaur’s and staying amongst them as a goddess – I soon realised that both the characters and the blossoming threesome romance between Kiara, Zeethan and Xaylu was both relatable and interesting. I loved the fresh take on this paranormal romance and while a fair bit of my brain needed to be disconnected to suspend my disbelief, the story and enjoyment I got from this made it well worth it.

I was particularly pleased that Zeethan and Xaylu already had a well established, seemingly long-term committed relationship before Kiara came along. This helped me find the speed with which the threesome formed feel a lot more believable and I could also understand why since the basis of the relationship was already solid and well-proved adding Kiara into the mix didn’t rock the boat too much. I laughed a bit at how Kiara managed to integrate with the other female Centaurs – never in a million years would I have guessed that aspect to the plot so I found it not only humorous, but also incredibly unique and interesting.

With an interesting plot and some relatable and cool paranormal characters this was a fun and fresh story that I really enjoyed.

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