Operation: Norway by William Meikle

Operation: Norway by William Meikle
Publisher: Severed Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Horror
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

It’s supposed to be a simple sanitation job, a post war scientific base that needs cleansed of anything that might prove incriminating to British and Norwegian governments.

But when the S-Squad try to complete their mission they are pursued in the mountains and fjords by something out of legend.

They have woken a sleeping beast.

Now it’s angry, ready for a fight. And it’s bringing its friends along.

Captain Banks and his crew have been promised extended leave and their next few missions to be in warmer, easier climates. Only none of that was to be when Banks is called into the office of his Corporal and instead of their leave being approved, he is given a new and urgent mission. Promised it’s a quick in-and-out and just a look-see with potentially an explosive “sanitation” of the site, Banks is hoping for once their mission might be straightforward and relatively easy.

I really enjoy these S-Squad stories by William Meikle. With big beasties, a well-versed group of Army squaddies and a strong hint of paranormal (and very mild horror) these are the best kind of B-grade monster movies in a quick story that I could ever imagine. The stories are usually shortish (about 150 pages) but they are always high action with loads of explosions and shooting and quite a fast pace to them.

Readers looking for something strongly intellectual or high brow won’t find that here. These are fun, fast paced, action shoot ‘em up style of stories with monsters and beasties and a whole load of rambunctious fun.

This time our favourite squaddies are in Norway, and I was really pleased with the atmosphere the author created. With such a short page length I feel Meikle did a brilliant job keeping the tension high and slowly fed the reader enough hints and tips to both what had occurred in the past – and therefore what we could expect our squaddies to unearth – for me to be eager to continue reading. When the action begins it’s all the usual S-Squad fast paced romp and I feel readers who enjoy this series, and this style of writing will be as happy as I was.

Fun, frivolous and a romping good tale – this was a great story and excellent addition to the series. Recommended.

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