Heartbreaks & Half-Truths: 22 Stories of Mystery & Suspense by Judy Penz Sheluk (Editor)

Heartbreaks & Half-Truths: 22 Stories of Mystery & Suspense by Judy Penz Sheluk (Editor)
Publisher: Superior Shores Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Horror, Historical, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (302 pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Lovers and losers.

Whether it’s 1950s Hollywood, a scientific experiment, or a yard sale in suburbia, the twenty-two authors represented in this collection of mystery and suspense interpret the overarching theme of “heartbreaks and half-truths” in their own inimitable style, where only one thing is certain: Behind every broken heart lies a half-truth.
And behind every half-truth lies a secret.
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Edited by Judy Penz Sheluk. Featuring authors Sharon Hart Addy, Paula Gail Benson, James Blakey, Gustavo Bondoni, Susan Daly, Buzz Dixon, Rhonda Eikamp, Christine Eskilson, Tracy Falenwolfe, Kate Flora, John M. Floyd, J.A. Henderson, Blair Keetch, Steve Liskow, Edward Lodi, Judy Penz Sheluk, KM Rockwood, Peggy Rothschild, Joseph S. Walker, James Lincoln Warren, Chris Wheatley and Robb T. White.

Half of the truth is better than nothing, right?

Dave had lost nearly everyone dear to him by the time “Blackjack Road” began. His hopelessness at the thought of living the rest of his life with so little companionship shone through the storyline beautifully. It made the arrival of a dangerous fugitive on his property even more poignant. Threatening someone who has nothing left to lose isn’t an easy task, especially when they’re someone as stubborn as Dave. I devoured this story and was left yearning for more. Reading it was such an immersive experience that I felt both satisfied and eager to find out what happened to him next.

Horror wasn’t a genre I was expecting to find in this anthology. That made “So Long” an unexpected treat! This tale was composed of a series of voicemails left at the apartment of a woman who had completely withdrawn from the outside world for reasons that were soon made clear. While I do wish some of her doctor’s actions were explained better, I still had a wonderful time slowly unravelling the mystery of why she wasn’t responding to calls from her employer, relatives, and other folks in her life who were perplexed by her disappearance.

“Pink Hearts Pierced by Arrows” followed a character named Crystal whose best friend was worried about infidelity. What I liked the most about the plot from that point was how much it twisted and turned around as Crystal tried to find out what was really going on in her friend’s life and marriage. Even though I did have a hunch about what was happening, it was still a great deal of fun to see if my prediction was correct.

Heartbreaks & Half-Truths: 22 Stories of Mystery & Suspense was a rock solid anthology that everyone who loves this genre should check out.

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