Honey & Ice by Dorothy F Shaw

Honey & Ice by Dorothy F Shaw
Publisher: Red Queen Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Desi Profit has had her eye on the tall and delicious biker, Griffin Sinclair, for a while now. A little too tipsy one night, Desi confesses her obsession to a mutual friend and asks him to relay her fantasy to Griffin.
Having no idea if the message was delivered—and half praying it wasn’t—Desi runs into Griffin a week later. And when the hotter than hell biker puts her on the back of his motorcycle, Desi has no idea she’s in for the wildest, most exciting ride of her life.

Hot, quick and sexy.

I picked up this story because I wanted something for a lunchtime read that would be hot, quick and had a bit of raunch to it. I mean that in a good way and this short story delivered. The writing clipped along nicely and there was just enough story to keep my interest while being hot and fun.

Desi wants to be with Griff in the worst way. She’s just gotta have him. Griff wants her, too. This isn’t a romance, per se. It’s an erotic story, but that’s fine. It’s a snippet of their story and I know there has to be more, which is good because it made me crave more. I wanted to know what would happen to these people after this. That’s pretty great. I liked that this was hot, too. It hit the right points.

If you’re looking for something hot and short for a break or lunchtime read, then this is the book for you. I recommend it.

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