Hole-Hearted by Sam Burns

Hole-Hearted by Sam Burns
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short story (20 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Pediatrician Luce Wright’s bad breakup gets worse when his drunk ex drives a car through his house a week before Christmas. His whole family is coming over in just a few days, and he can’t have a hole with a tarp over it in the middle of his dining room.
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Fortunately his neighbor’s son is moving back into town, and he owns a construction company. Can Luce and his homemade cookies persuade Darren to mend the hole in the house… and maybe the one in Luce’s heart too?

Luce had an enormous hole in his house where his idiot ex-boyfriend had plowed his car into the wall. Darren had been hearing about Luce from his mother for ages, and when he is dragged – literally – into helping fix Luce’s problem the two men realised that their meddling families might be very well right.

I enjoyed this fun and fast-paced short story. Luce and Darren have some instant chemistry and after some flirting they discover they are delightfully well suited. With a bunch of meddling family – from both sides – it was funny how surprised Luce and Darren were to discover the other wasn’t anything like they had imagined from all the tall tales. I found it refreshing and quite lovely how they connected so well and almost instantly. While this aspect wasn’t exactly realistic it was delightful and helped move the pace of the story along well, to my mind.

Aside from a few chaste kisses and a bunch of flirting there’s nothing too intense to this story. I actually didn’t mind this as it fit the whole theme of the two men only just meeting and needing to complete the goal of fixing Luce’s damaged house in time for the Christmas holiday period. I found the ending very satisfying – with a strong hope and intention for the future – and feel this story really delivers on the feel-good and warm-fuzzy vibe that is so important to Christmas stories for me.

Fun and with plenty of chemistry, I found this to be a great, short, Christmassy read.

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