Fueled by Lust: Severus by Celeste Prater

Fueled by Lust: Severus by Celeste Prater
Publisher: Siren Publishing Classic
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (263 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Verbena

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Thrown together by the mating of Drusus and Avelina, Severus Faal and Cassie Wells find themselves drawn into a world of corporate espionage when Cassie catches a co-worker planting monitoring devices at her law office. Cassie’s drive to uncover the reason for the infiltration immediately engages Severus’s protective instincts to keep her safe. As they work together to solve this mystery, they begin a journey of self-discovery that raises old ghosts and salts unhealed wounds.

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Book 2 in the Fueled By Lust series delivers heart-wrenching romance, intrigue, hot alpha-males, passion, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex.

Like oil and water, Severus and Cassie just don’t mix.

At least, that was Cassie’s initial thought about the six-foot tall, broad-shouldered giant standing in her doorway. She’s already dealt with far too many men eager to take charge of her life and her body. She doesn’t like being told what to do or how to do it by anyone. This includes the gorgeous eye-candy and self-proclaimed bodyguard who seems insistent in hanging around. From the get go, Severus really pushes her buttons. Yet, despite how annoying he is, she can’t help the subtle reactions her body begins to have around him. Little by little, she notices the other things about Severus that reawakens a dormant desire deep within her. All of a sudden, Cassie realizes she rather likes having a big, brawny man watching over her. His interest in her carnal needs is fine by her as well, especially when he’s so good at pleasing them.

Though he likes his women with a little more padding, Severus can’t help the instant attraction he feels for the sassy spit-fire, wagging her finger in his face without an ounce of fear or hesitation. Everything about her drives him crazy, including the way she manages to attract trouble. He doesn’t know if he should throttle or kiss her. The thought that she might be a compatible mate seems ridiculous and downright terrifying to him. He doesn’t want the heartache of losing another important woman in his life. While he has little difficulty in finding enough willing sex-partners to share his bed, he doesn’t want any of them to share his heart. Not until Cassie. Despite his attempts to thwart the growing suspicion that she just might be his perfect mate, Severus soon realizes she’s too important to him to lose.

Some things just get better and better, especially when it comes to Celeste Prater’s Fueled by Lust series. Book one was a lot of fun to read, so when I saw she’d written a second book based on a couple of characters I’d met in the first installment, I requested to read it without hesitance. From the first page, my eyeballs remained glued to my iPad, my attention totally focused on the plot unfolding before me. I literally read the entire book in one day. I just couldn’t put it down. The characters are dynamic together, the perfect blend of alpha male and sassy female. There’s so much going on that you don’t even notice the plot twist sneaking up from the sidelines. I was left with my mouth hanging open at the climax of the story. The developing relationship between Cassie and Severus, the inclusion of previous characters from book one, and the introduction of new challenges to this sexy race of he-man aliens all culminate into a fantastic tale that left me wanting more. Lo and behold, after a little snooping on the internet, I see Ms. Prater has seen fit to grace us with an upcoming book 3! So now I’m left chomping at the bit and rubbing my little paws together in eager anticipation of what I expect to be another fabulous read.

Fueled by lust: Severus, is a non-stop hoot and a hell of an exciting story. Cassie’s snarky attitude had me laughing my buns off. I fell in love with her right from the start. And Severus is just too sexy for words. He certainly caused a spike in heart rate and gave me something new to dream about. Put them together and you’ve got another fantastic story by Celeste Prater whose hunky aliens are simply out of this world. Oh, and Ms. Prater, if you need a short blonde chic who loves bulging muscles and hairy chests to play the heroine in a fourth installment, I’ll gladly take the part.


  1. Woke up this morning and thinking, “Ugh…it’s just Tuesday…” THEN I see that I have an LASR review….it’s not just another Tuesday after all. Thank you SO much for the mind blowing rating and the review that had tears in my eyes. To have a reader enjoy the book to that level almost left me speechless. So very glad you enjoyed it and looking forward to sending you Cato’s story. Have a great day, because you certainly made mine one! 🙂 Celeste P.S. I think I can keep you in mind for an upcoming tale…:)

  2. SO excited to get the news that SEVERUS won the reader poll! BIG THANK YOU to those that voted!!! You’ve made this new author extremely happy! Thanks LASR for providing this opportunity. Best to all of you!


    • lourdes Vasallo says

      You are an Amazing writer , We need more!!! Lol thank you
      I know Cisco on your cover he is the sweetest guy you can ever meet always puts others in front before him….

      • Awwww! Thanks for the sweet comment! Yes, Cisco is a fantastic man. The sweetest ever. I was so lucky to have him on the cover! Thank you and have a fantastic day! 🙂 xoxoxo


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