For the Sub by Sierra Cartwright

For the Sub by Sierra Cartwright
Publisher: Totally Bound
Length Full Length (160 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: BDSM, M/F, masturbation, spanking, anal sex
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

His heart wasn’t in it… Dom Niles Malloy has locked his favourite flogger in a drawer and has all-but left the lifestyle, but then Brandy Hess shatters his solitude and shakes up his life, challenging him to fully live again.

What you see isn’t what you get…

Though he was once a respected and well-known Dom, Niles Malloy rarely attends functions at the Den, and he has no interest in ever having another permanent relationship. He satisfies his occasional desire for kink by playing with subs who have no expectations.

Professional sub Brandy Hess has known Master Niles for years, and when he invites her to play with him, she accepts. But she’s unprepared for the reaction she has to his intense brand of play. In their shared, emotionally intimate moments she sees the weariness in his features, and she has a dangerous and compelling urge to know him better.

Experience has taught her to never again settle for less than a man’s complete commitment, yet when she runs into him outside their normal setting, neither can deny the potent and pulsing attraction. He’s much, much deeper than she imagined, and she soon realises he’s everything she wants and doesn’t need in a man.

As she surrenders to him a second time, Brandy wonders if she’s lost her sense of self-preservation. She’s attracted to an enigma, a man with an edge, someone as remote as he is demanding, and her life will never be the same…

As another installment in the Mastered series, like all others, For the Sub can be read as a standalone. Just like previous books in the series, this is another superb novel that hooked me from page one.

After the death of his wife, Master Niles is still not himself. Sure, he’s still part of the scene but his heart is not into it, until he meets Brandy. I liked Master Niles from page one. He’s intelligent, seductive, good looking and of course, dominant. However, his dominance is a little different. He doesn’t expect the sub to act like a perfect model, he wants more than just a pleasing answer, he wants honesty and truth in his encounters and he gets that from Brandy. As an added bonus, Niles knows how to treat animals (I think I sighed loudly more than once when he was interacting with Brandy’s pets).

Though there would be no story without Master Niles, I believe the star of the show is Brandy. She’s not what one would usually expect to see in a submissive (and I’m not the only one to think so, Niles thinks at one point: “She straddled him and tugged his T-shirt from his jeans. Eleanor would have never been so bold. At the Den, neither would Brandy. But here, her natural personality shone. He liked it—her—more and more.”).

Brandy’s personality is something I loved about this story. She is a character that has a life beyond BDSM. She has a budding business, knows all about tomatoes and has pets. A heroine with a soft heart, Brandy was not only unusual in that sense; she was also experienced in the scene. Unlike other novels in which the woman wants to experiment with BDSM or has submissive tendencies and is just waiting for the right Dom to appear, Brandy was a professional submissive that knew what she wanted and how she wanted it at all times. She was the one in control. She was more than a submissive. She was her own person outside of the bedroom and inside; and even in the sizzling hot sex scenes, I could see that degree of control that every submissive has over his or her Dom. Of course, Niles saw it too, and the bond that grows between them at every passing page goes beyond the sex.

It is worth mentioning, that unlike previous books in the Mastered series, I felt that there was no explicit talking through everything occurring in the BDSM scene. Perhaps, because none of the characters were new to it or because Cartwright predicted that readers might already know the basics, we were dunked right into the world of Dominance and submission. Albeit, I found the kinkiness in this story is of a much lesser degree than others in the series. For the Sub was a sweeter novel (yet still very erotic).

Though the ending seemed a little rushed, this is another great read by Sierra Cartwright. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series (finally, Damien’s story is coming)!

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