First Time by Lynn Burke

First Time by Lynn Burke
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (90 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Toys, Spanking/Flogging/Caning
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Daniel Cooney loves to tie women up and is nicely compensated for his services as an Elite escort. He’s no sadist, however, but a gentle dominate who longs for a woman of his own, one who won’t be intimidated by his size and ropes.

Becky Eaton bends over backwards to help her boyfriend work through his mental problems, but her submissive nature enables his sick desires to turn vicious. His plans to exploit her for his pleasure backfires … Becky experiences desire—and a climax—for the first time beneath another man’s command. Master Cooney’s tender touch awakens her in ways she never expected.

Beaten and broken, Becky’s tattered heart yearns for what could be, and while Daniel’s strength proves a pillar of support, she must find the courage within to escape a murderous monster—before it’s too late.

Daniel was paid very well at Elite Escorts to tie willing women up and fulfill their bondage fantasies, but deep down he yearns for more. Daniel wishes there was a willing woman, a sub, who wasn’t put off and scared by his large body and dominant demeanor. Someone willing to get to know him and even love him. Becky is in an abusive relationship but is too cowed to do anything about it, until she meets Daniel and he takes the time to show her how special she truly is.

I struggled to really get into this story. Becky is very clearly being physically, sexually and emotionally abused and trodden-down by her partner, Stephen. This abusive relationship honestly made most of this story difficult for me to read. In one respect that’s a huge compliment to the realism and extensive emotion the author has put in the story and characters, but I’m personally the sort of reader who likes to escape the nasties of life when I’m reading. I could easily believe that a number of the scenes – particularly at the start and end of the story might be a trigger for some readers. Stephen at a number of stages is outright abusive to Becky and while there’s no pretense of caring or love in the abuse (it’s not written to be enticing or titillating, but just as a part of the plot) that didn’t make it any more palatable to me. Personally I found everything related to the Becky/Stephen plot exceedingly difficult to read. That said; I found this story to have a huge depth of emotion to it. Daniel through his bondage, and particularly his rope-play, opens up a whole new vista of emotions and feelings inside Becky, things she had secretly yearned for but never experienced for herself.

At times I found Becky’s character quite frustrating for naïve and “too stupid to live” style of behaviors, but I have to admit that it seemed a genuine part of her character as an abused and downtrodden woman. Abused women frequently return time and time again to their abusers, thinking they will change, that it’s their (the woman’s) fault that the abuser had lashed out particularly harshly. While I can appreciate the realism of all this – I just can’t say with honesty that I enjoyed this aspect of the storyline. I think to be honest it was just a little too gritty and realistic for me, personally. A little too confronting. The author has done an amazing job writing the story – but it was all just was real and detailed enough that I ended up feeling more uncomfortable than anything else while reading it.

Overall I truly think this is the style of story readers will either love or hate – I can’t imagine anyone reading this and being ambivalent. With realistic and excellent characters this is a vastly different story to the kind I usually read. I feel this would be a great story for readers looking to expand their horizons or read a truly different kind of tale. Gritty, almost too realistic and definitely not for the faint of heart, this is an emotional and confronting story.

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