Fireworks At The Lake by Berengaria Brown

Fireworks At The Lake by Berengaria Brown
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary Holiday (4th of July)
Length: Short Story (13 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Andrew didn’t want to spend the Fourth of July long weekend with the people from the office so he goes to the lake instead.
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There he sees Luke, a blond Viking who arouses every craving for love and lust inside him. But can he overcome his low self-esteem from when Rory rejected his love and open his heart to another man?

Andrew isn’t keen to spend his long weekend for the 4th of July with his co-workers, so he heads out to the lake to celebrate instead. There, he can’t help but notice the long, lean Viking relaxing with his muscled body splayed to display and his toes dipped in the lake’s rippled edge. Luke had noticed Andrew almost the moment he’d felt Andrew’s eyes on him. Subtly, he’d maneuvered himself so he could glance covertly at Andrew and not let the other man know he was being watched. Taking it easy, the men go out for pizza, and a tender, new relationship blossoming between them.

This is a lovely M/M, short and easy to read and I feel it’s a perfect way to introduce unsure readers to M/M style stories. Hot and sexy, but not completely over the top, I really enjoyed how both Luke and Andrew are real men — not the least bit campy or overdrawn. Andrew has been hurt in the past, and Luke is a strong, reliable kind of man, steady and dependable. I thought it a little odd at times how the men could practically read each other’s minds, but that certainly didn’t detract me from enjoying the story.

Written with an excellent tone and style, this is a great M/M romance. Readers should note there is a very satisfying “Happy For Now” ending — but not a more traditional “Happily Ever After” the general romance readers usually require. I found the ending romantic, well written and exceedingly realistic though, and was not in the least bit disappointed. A story and author I’d recommend to other readers interested in short, sexy stories that can be quickly devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.

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