Fiery Temptations by Victoria Davies


Fiery Temptations by Victoria Davies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (84 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Verbena

A wounded dragon crashes through Mae’s roof, putting her in a difficult position—kill the man just as likely to barbecue her as thank her, or honor her oath as a healer. What’s a witch to do? Determined to take the higher road, Mae does her best to save him. She’s playing with fire and knows it—she just didn’t expect it to feel so good.

Lucas has no memory of the attack that grounded him in a witch’s house but his instinct is to roast first, ask questions later. But the more time he spends with Mae, the more passion flames between them. He lingers, exploring their simmering (and forbidden) attraction.

Desire gives way to pleasures of the flesh, the couple enjoying their wary truce and the sexual explosion it provides. Until reality comes knocking. Caught between the lover she cares for and the king who wants to enslave him, Mae faces the biggest fight of her life. And her dragon’s heart is the prize.

Sex can be very tempting when a dragon-shifter drops through your ceiling, particularly one that looks like Lucas. But sex with your enemy can get you killed—one way or another.

Mae takes a big chance in helping the wounded man bleeding all over her floor. Despite the fact that they are natural enemies, she just can’t bring herself to scramble his brains and rid herself of the danger he poses. One spell is all it would take. She knew the words, even felt the fiery magic come to life in her palms as she prepares to strike. And yet, as she examines the broken, unconscious form, she feels the unwanted stirrings of desire. Despite the warning bells clamoring in her head, her sense of duty takes over and she makes a decision that will change the rest of her life.

A quiet and docile woman who spends her time learning healing magic, she’s just the witch to patch up Lucas’ wounds. When he regained consciousness, would he welcome her assistance? Or would he kill her at the first opportunity he got? At war with her sense of healing responsibility and her wish to stay alive, she puts aside her hesitance and does what she knows is right, despite what it may cost her in the end.

Mae is a stronger woman than she gives herself credit for. She certainly doesn’t owe Lucas anything. He is her natural enemy, after all. But Mae possesses a kindness and desire to help those in need, even if it endangers herself. These characteristics make her a heroine most readers will love.

Lucas doesn’t know what to think when he awakens to discover a woman has saved him, and not just any woman, a witch. By all that reigns true within him, he knows he should kill her without further thought or hesitance. His inner beast agrees. All is would take is one bite. One bite from a dragon would kill a witch. And yet, he just can’t seem to do so.

There’s something about Mae that he can’t put his finger on. She’s attractive, no doubt, but she’s his enemy. Feeling anything but murderous intent toward her was illogical. So why did he want nothing more than to throw her up on the counter and do things to make her scream in pleasure, not pain? Perhaps he’d gone too long without a woman. Perhaps her kindness soothed his inner dragon. Or perhaps there was more the Mae than he first thought. They were about to break rules that were never meant to be broken, and he just couldn’t find it within himself to care.

Lucas has a strong sense of loyalty and righteousness. While he can’t deny his overwhelming sense of protectiveness for Mae, he also can’t allow any of his fellow dragons to suffer the fate intended for him by the witch lord, Ethan. To save them all, he’s willing to put his trust and his beloved heart into the hands of a woman who’d suddenly come to mean much more to him that he wanted to admit. If she betrays him, his heart and his freedom are gone forever. These characteristics make Lucas a perfect hero, one most readers will swoon for.

Ms. Davies has penned a wonderful story between two star-crossed lovers. She’s created characters with depth and emotion, as well as a plot that will keep you entertained. A few missing words here and there were a bit distracting, but not enough to deter from the story. My only complaint is that the climax felt a bit rushed. Overall, it was a fast, fun read and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves shifter love tales.

Do you like sexy-as-hell dragons? What about pure-hearted witches? Then you’re sure to love Fiery Temptations by Virginia Davies. This is book is bound to keep you engrossed to the very last page. And no doubt hoping for a sexy dragon like Lucas to drop through your ceiling, too. One can only dream…


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