Fat Mate by Sam Crescent

Fat Mate by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (113 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

All Zadie Cox has ever wanted was to find a mate, fall in love, and have lots of kids. The problem is … no one wants her. The pack doesn’t care for a woman with curves, and no man wants “a fat mate”, which is what they’ve called her.

Dante Locker hates pack politics. When he’s invited on a month long visit to a neighboring pack, he knows there’s a catch. The alpha has a daughter—but there’s no way Dante’s mating with her. Then the moment he enters the town square, the redhead with the killer curves grabs his attention. He wants her, and Dante’s a rich alpha, a businessman, and he always gets what he wants.

No man has ever wanted Zadie, but there’s something about this new alpha. The way he walks, talks … and his devotion calls not only to her wolf, but to her. Can Zadie leave the pack that she has called home? Will she fall in love with Dante? Or is this just a month-long fling?

Zadie was the fat girl, the fat wolf, and while she was lonely her life didn’t suck. Dante knew he was an unusual pack Alpha. A businessman at heart he had no time for spoiled, cruel women who only wanted the prestige of his title and money. When Dante meets Zadie, he can see exactly the sort of mate he wants – kind and gentle, wonderful with children she had plenty of love and loyalty to offer her man. But Zadie’s pack Alpha wants Dante for his own daughter. Will this destroy the only hope Zadie’s ever found for a family of her own?

I enjoyed the slow pace of this sizzling romance. While the attraction between Dante and Zadie was pretty instant, they didn’t simply jump straight into bed. I enjoyed how Zadie and Dante got to know each other a bit first – particularly since Zadie really struck me as a gentle, sweet character. Had they simply torn their clothes off and gone right into it that wouldn’t have worked properly with the other characteristics I saw in Zadie. But I could totally enjoy that Dante was all Alpha – and while patient and kind with Zadie, he wasn’t the stort of guy to roll over and let something he wanted so badly slip out of his grasp.

There were a wealth of secondary characters that I greatly enjoyed – a part of me kind of hopes Zadie’s brother Luke and Dante’s sister Bethany might get their own story some time in the future. I felt the secondary characters really helped round out this story and make it seem deeper than had it just been Dante and Zadie simply coming together. I also enjoyed a lot of the world-building. There was lots of information about the pack and how the world worked and – much like the strong cast of characters – helped the story feel well-rounded and more plot-centric than many other paranormal romances I’ve read recently.

With interesting and vibrant characters, a good amount of plot and some exceptional world building, I really enjoyed this story on numerous levels. I found the sex romantic but still smoking hot and overall can heartily recommend this story. I’d happily pick up more books in this series.

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