Escape From The Center Of The Earth by Greig Beck

Escape From The Center Of The Earth by Greig Beck
Publisher: Severed Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

“Help me, it’s Ally. Please help me.”

A ghostly, sobbing voice is detected from the depths of Russia’s Kola super deep borehole – 9 miles down. A Russian team is dispatched in a desperate rescue mission to find the woman. But how did she get there?

Meanwhile, the Americans prepare their own expedition after a new rift leading to the center of the Earth has been discovered at the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific Ocean. Mike Monroe and Jane Baxter agree to accompany the team of soldiers and scientists to seek a compound that is potentially a cure for cancer… a cancer that is slowly eating away at them, and the legacy of their time in the boiling red hell at the core of the planet.

Now, a two-pronged mission seeks answers from the Earth’s interior, a place of impenetrable jungles, fallen kingdoms, and monstrous creatures that have never been seen on the surface and have evolved into nightmarish, deadly forms.

But there is something else – a mountainous ancient being that is as old as the world and has been awaiting them. And this time will not let them leave.

Escape from the Center of the Earth is the final edition of the blockbusting Center Earth trilogy and closes the series with a climax that will blow reader’s minds.

Jane and Mike are both fighting the long-term consequences of their two previous expeditions down into the center of the earth. Each determined to save the other, will this final trip allow them to close this chapter of their lives?

I have really enjoyed this trilogy and found this third and final installment to meet – and even exceed – my every expectation. That’s no small feat, I am a huge fan of Greig Beck and now pretty much expect a superlative read from each of his books. Fantastic blending of horror, mystery/suspense, thriller, sci-fi, techno thrillers and best of all an adventurous and amazing expedition style of story are all things that I expect from Mr. Beck and in this story he did not disappoint. I feel it’s important for readers to know this story stands very well by itself – but it is equally very clearly the final part in the trilogy, and I absolutely think readers will have a much more encompassing and enjoyable adventure if they read all three books back-to-back.

I was both cautious and excited to read about Ally. Her part towards the end of the second story was one of the major things that really, truly stuck with me for weeks after I finished reading Return to the Center Of the Earth. While much of it was my own imagination and the somewhat abrupt ending to her section, I feel anyone who reads the second book will completely understand why Ally stuck with me – in both a good and a bad way – for many weeks. So, knowing her story wasn’t over and realizing this book would progress that storyline was both wonderful and frightening for me. Without spoilers – I found myself impressed and deeply satisfied with how this story handles Ally and both the realism of her character and the progress and conclusion that was given to me as a reader. The storyline as a whole absolutely won’t be every reader’s cup of tea (and indeed for some parts it wasn’t to my taste either), but I can’t deny this is one of those stories and trilogies, a character arc that just really hits you in the heart and soul and stays with you. For good or bad it made a serious impact on me and is something I will think and talk about for a long time to come.

Jane and Mike and another set of hard-ass military professionals also were an amazing expedition party. As one would expect there are new monsters, new dangers and new wonders all set in store for them and the reader journeying along. I was thrilled when one of the characters was introduced to the party. No spoilers – but it’s a very well-known character who many fans of Grieg Beck will be hopefully as excited as I was to see added to this adventure. It really helped make the book even more amazing for me, personally, as it’s one of my all-time favourite trilogies of Beck’s.

Readers looking for an adventure, a thrill, a bit of a scare and a can’t-be-beaten “expedition party getting eaten by the monsters” style of story should absolutely be as enthralled as I was. I totally think readers should go back to the first story and read all three, but if you happen to find a copy of this just lying around somewhere then pick it up and devour it – for sure. This is an amazing book, and I can’t wait for more from this author. Highly recommended.

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