Effie’s House by Raven McAllan

Effie’s House by Raven McAllan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When Ginny Soutar inherits her granny’s house she also inherits her own past and future.

And a what?

A spectre, a ghost, or something more sinister?
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It seems it’s not only her own future she has to decide but his as well. There’s just one problem with Roddy Boyd, and it’s up to her to decide their fate. Does she want to make that decision?

Ginny had always been intrigued about the Dower house of Lemachard. She adored hearing stories about the various ancestors who had lived there at different times and while she was thrilled when the house passed on to her it came as a surprise. Discovering the place has more than a few complications confuses Ginny, but she’s determined not to let go of the house she’s instantly fallen in love with.

I enjoyed this short story. While the plot wasn’t anything new or very different, I found it well written with a good, fast pace so it kept my attention and curiosity. I was eager to find how Ginny would deal with the strangeness of the situation she found herself in. I found it quite difficult in places to work out what was real, what was “memories” and what was paranormal aspects and I’m not sure if it was the fast pace of the story that made it confusing or the merging of past and present without any real indication of what was “real” and what was previous. While I could roll with it – my own curiosity was enough to keep me reading wanting answers – I could understand if this merging and back-and-forth is a bit too much for some other readers.

Despite the confusion I enjoyed the banter between Ginny and Roderick and found their chemistry believable even though it leaned heavily towards instant attraction. Their shared history and ancestry weighed heavily on my acceptance that their short courtship and attraction was believable and there were enough other plot elements swirling around in this short story that I don’t feel the author had many other options available.

I felt this story was more of a paranormal romance rather than strongly erotic story. Readers who like their romances adventurous and explicit might not find this aspect of the story satisfies. Personally, I enjoyed the fact Roderick and Ginny sorted out their history and the paranormal aspects first before becoming intimate.

With two interesting and very complicated characters and a lot of plot entwining them together this was a good, quick read.

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