Driven To The Limit by Alice Gaines

Driven To the Limit by Alice Gaines
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After rehab, Lauren King returns to the only home she has… a rock star’s compound everyone calls The Pit. She also returns to her only friend… an antique German motorcycle she’s nicknamed Jake.

Little does she know that the cycles Klaus Mannhof made have the ability to shift into human men. Mannhof designed Jake especially for Lauren. Using his special brand of magic, Jake’s going to teach her to love him — and to love herself as well.

Lauren is returning to the only home she has, and to her very special antique motorcycle, Jake. Little does she know Jake is even more special than Lauren could have believed, Jake might be a motorbike, but he can shapeshift into a man – and as a man he’s determined to teach Lauren to love herself – and also him.

I was deeply intrigued by this slightly different Paranormal/shapeshifter style of story. I loved the idea of a man/bike crossover and found was intrigued enough to pick up this story and the first in the series as well. While I feel most readers will need to suspend a fair bit of disbelief at the very beginning – I don’t know many women who could calmly discuss the logistics of having witnessed an expensive motorcycle changing into a sexy man before their eyes, and mere minutes later blindly accept it was just fine – aside from this small blip I found the whole premise of the plot delightful and a lot of fun. The attraction and chemistry between Jake and Lauren was solid and steamy, and I did adore how Jake in bike form was more than compelling and in control of his and Lauren’s late night rides around the streets. There’s definitely something sexy about a gorgeous bike and I could well understand Lauren’s insta-lust.

I thought the plot surrounding Lauren’s crazy ex-boyfriend was interesting though a little over the top. It was definitely a good counterpart to the blossoming romance between Lauren and Jake though and helped keep the story decently balanced. While most of the plot threads were well tied together I thought there was definitely room left for more details to be fleshed out in potential future books. The ending clearly showed this was the start of a longer series and what I suspect is a multi-book arc which could prove very interesting.

Readers looking for a fun and sexy, slightly different paranormal romance should find this a steamy and interesting story that can easily be read as a stand alone.

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