Dragon Fall by Elsa Jade

Dragon Fall by Elsa Jade
Masters of the Flame, Mating Fever
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

She fell for a dragon half turned to stone.
Now the mating fever will turn them to ash – or let them fly.

As lord of the Nox Incendi dragons, Bale Dorado is supposed to protect his people within the exclusive Keep casino in Sin City, but the curse that plagues the clan has all but turned him to cold stone. Only by finding the powerful, burning heart of his treasure will he survive to lead them against a deadly magical threat to dragonkin. Instead, he finds himself falling for a wounded, delicate…virgin?

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Ah, this is Esme’s story. Obviously she’s going to be the one who will save Bale from turning into a giant piece of stone but the question is, how? In books 1 & 2, she was the ultimate victim – helpless, a pawn and seemingly weak. Dragon Fall has a huge challenge to overcome and I’m happy to say I liked how the whole story arc got wrapped up. It was quite the journey getting there.

The author really focused on the plot in Dragon Fall. Every thread, plot twist and emotional conflict fed the suspense, drama and action as Esme came into her own – as a woman and as a worthy mate for a dragon. It was Bale in the previous story that figured out her engagement ring was bogus. What it did to her was pretty nefarious.

Bale used to be a true alpha dragon, but the sickness he has is killing him and it’s only a matter of time. His character is the perfect example of a tortured hero. In the previous books it sounded like he was giving up. I’m so glad his tune changed in this story. Of course romance readers are going to credit Esme, her being the heroine and all, but it’s true. She inspired him to fight, to reach out for what he wanted which was her. Staying in a dark cave on the top of a casino can’t earn him any more brownie points. Now, Bale has to come out into the light. I got a kick out of Ms. Jade’s description of the hero’s clothes and Esme’s initial reaction when he interrupted her playing the slots. Very sexy and quite fun.

There are sexy shenanigans once Esme’s effect on Bale takes hold. I was so happy to read them. Yes, they were well written but they were something I craved to read because Bale and Esme deserved every delightful groan, sigh and big O experienced between both of them. Their chemistry was irresistible and it made me happy that they were happy – eventually. They had to suffer through a lot of challenges to get to that point.

The suspense and action comes from the villainous (as Esme, Piper and Anjali liked to call Lars Ashcraft), and I quote, “ash-hole”, finally getting what he deserves in a most ironic twist. I smirked every time I read that nick-name. It’s so appropriate and I think other readers would agree once they get to ‘know’ him.

First it was Rave, then Torch, now Bale has his happy ever after. There’s nothing like happy alpha dragons loving their mates. The ending was dramatic, heroic and fitting. Dragon Fall was the perfect wrap up for a wonderful paranormal romance trilogy. I’m so happy skippy I got to finish the series. And now that I have, I can tell everyone what a fun trio of stories they are and perfect for fans of sexy dragons in love.

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