Double Swerve by Craig Whyel

Double Swerve by Craig Whyel
A Draper Rollins Thriller Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (151 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Draper Rollins would be better if people weren’t giving him such a hard time.

The police chief of a small Pennsylvania town faces considerable criticism on several fronts. His estranged wife harps on him to make more money and live in better conditions. His parents harp on him to ditch his law enforcement career in favor of joining the family’s lucrative automotive dealership.

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When a double murder rocks the town, Draper’s aggravation increases ten-fold. He initially thinks the responsible person might be someone he knows-likely a colleague.

Things get worse when people connected to the lawman disappear under suspicious circumstances. Draper realizes he must push harder to prevent further deaths. He doesn’t realize the danger and lifechanging implications that come with getting to the truth.

Knowing someone for decades doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything about them.

The dialogue was well done. I appreciated the fact that it was written in such a conversational style. All of the characters seemed to be people who were pretty casual in their daily lives. It was common for them to jump from one idea to the next or to share a sentence fragment as their reply to a question or statement. This fit the overall one of this piece nicely and was a good decision.

With that being said, the character development could have used more attention. There were such a large number them included in it that none of them had enough time in their scenes to grow as individuals. It would have been nice to either focus on a smaller number of them or to have a longer book so that they could have more scenes to work with. This was something I particularly noticed with the female characters whose development tended to be even more stunted than their male counterparts.

This story was filled with plot twists that I enjoyed discovering. Woodward Heights Borough, where it was set, was a community filled with folks who tended to have known each other for decades if not their entire lives. These deep roots made for all sorts of interesting developments in what people knew about each other, what they kept hidden, and what they pretended like they weren’t aware of it. This made for great twists and turns in the storyline and it also felt quite accurate of small town life is really like in my experience.

I’d recommended Double Swerve to anyone who likes small town murder mysteries.


  1. Thanks for your site and to Astilbe for the thoughtful and thorough review of Double Swerve.

    Would it be permissible for me to link to the review on my website?

    Thank you
    Craig Whyel

    • Long and Short Reviews says

      Of course, as long as you credit and link to the site, we’d be thrilled. Thank you!

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