Dinner for Three by Camille Anthony

Dinner for Three by Camille Anthony
(Agency of Extraordinary Mates)
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (97 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Locked out of her office by her business partners, an overworked and rundown Michelle Rios accepts a vacation to Chimera Island to escape unwanted mothering. She’s not looking for love, though she’d love a taste of the two hunky chefs she used to watch on the gourmet channel. Rumor has it they’ve retired to the mysterious island.

Twin brothers Jonathan and Jason Corelli run Chimera Island’s best restaurant. Naturally, they’re not human. One a Vampire, the other a Werewolf, they’ve been cursed by a meddlesome Sorcerer. According to the Sorcerer, the woman who completes them is soon to arrive on Chimera. She alone can help them break the sorcerer’s curse.

The Corelli twins come as a package deal. For some women, that might be a problem, but Michelle’s up to the challenge. She’s willing to let them wine and dine her for two weeks, tempting her with a sensual feast of prime loin, and whetting her hunger for a double-decker sandwich ala Corelli, but is this workaholic ready to give up the “Real World” she left behind for two extraordinary men?

In this tale things are not as they appear and not as believed which made for some interesting reading. Jonathan is the vampire and Jason is the werewolf, or are they? Ms. Anthony presented an interesting twist on twins and I found it fascinating.

A reader will find a plethora of paranormal surprises as the mystery of the curse that plagues the two heroes is eventually resolved. The dilemma that the heroine, Chelle, faces isn’t solely about being able to love the two men at the same time. No, the author has another more dire decision for her to make and it becomes clear upon meeting her mysterious potential mother-in-law. Personally, I didn’t like the heroes’ mom at all. At first she seemed alright, until she started with her story – then I found her rather selfish. I’m glad Chelle had a few choice words for her; I felt the same.
The editing was fine in this tale and the descriptions of the island’s environs sounded beautiful and a place I’d love to visit. Dialogue kept the pace of the story going smoothly and it got quite heated when Chelle, Jon and Jason finally commit to the physical tango. Erotic romance readers should find enough to enjoy because the author provided a lot of threesome action. Perhaps the author waxed a bit poetic with some of the descriptions, and was a bit enthusiastic with all the dialogue during the sex or loving which felt a bit overdone but they were still fun to read.

The one area that I should perhaps give a heads up about is only a few paragraphs but some readers might appreciate knowing. Chelle has to accept both men in all their facets and that includes time spent with a furry Jason – wolf and woman. Ms. Anthony made sure to inject emotion and sympathy for Jason’s plight so when the reality of them coming together happened it was more erotic than it otherwise would have been. Here too, the author was creatively and enthusiastically descriptive.

As with any good romance, there’s a happy ever after, but the author was clever and kept me dangling for a bit. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen so I was especially intrigued and fascinated. I’m happy with the outcome and thought the last sentence cute and clever. Dinner for Three was an entertaining short story, and a nice way to relax for an afternoon especially with an ice cold beverage, extra on the ice.

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