Demon’s Wish by Xenia Melzer

Demon’s Wish by Xenia Melzer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, LGBTQ
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by Dryas

Finding love is hard—especially when you’re a demon and your potential mate is your sacrifice…

Sammy is content with running his bookshop and leading a book club consisting solely of paranormal creatures. Despite the persistence of his friends, he has resolved himself to a life without romance, since he doesn’t think anybody could find him and his tendency to spill useless knowledge whenever he gets nervous attractive.

Dresalantion is a demon prince and slightly—make that majorly—annoyed when somebody persistently tries to summon him. He finally decides to show up and put the fear of Dresalantion into his summoners but finds himself rescuing their sacrifice instead.

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I have to admit I loved this plot and all the wonderful characters with all their different personalities. Also, most of the Demon lore that many authors use in their stories is not present. In fact, I don’t think there is a single one from other books I have read.

Sammy is a wonderful, quirky character that everyone who meets him can’t help but love. Unfortunately, he is incredibly shy, seen as a geek and has a bad habit of spewing strange facts when he is nervous, so his dating life is rather pathetic. His parents’ love had kept him going but he lost them a few years ago in a car crash and still mourns them. I love how he takes everything paranormal in stride, not seeming to mind the strange things that happen around him.

Dre is another wonderful, well developed character who does everything in his power to make Sammy happy. He also loves and enjoys the company of his family. When Dre is able to pay more attention to Sammy, they are almost instantly attracted to each other. Dre was struck by Sammy’s boyish, innocent face with bi-colored eyes.

I really enjoyed watching them go on several dates, going anywhere Sammy’s heart desired. In fact, their first date was to Rome where they went to Dre’s favorite restaurant which is owned by a witch and she makes it obvious that she approves of their relationship. Dre is able to create a hole that allows them to go wherever he wants in an instant. It was cute as they had a contest at each place they visited. Whoever could name the strangest facts won.

There is only one thing I wish could have been changed. The romance took a rather long time to develop. I loved these characters and couldn’t wait for them to express their love on a deeper level.

I adore the fun and adventure that goes along with the obvious connection between these two characters. A wonderful paranormal romance with lots of funny moments and geek trivia thrown around.

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