Dark Lands: The Forgotten by Lyn I. Kelly

Dark Lands: The Forgotten by Lyn I. Kelly
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (384 pages)
Heat rating: Sweet
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

The Glorian Council has been decimated. The Willkeeper is missing. And the Dark army has grown virtually unconquerable. In the final volume of Lyn I. Kelly’s Dark Lands series, a confluence of tragedies has unsteadied the Dark Lands, tilting it mercilessly in the Dark Man’s favor. As he begins his march to destroy Glorian and claim the living world for his own, a desperate plan is unleashed to try and still the Dark Man’s reign. Webb Thompson and a select few Glorians ride out for the haunting Passage of Oradour, intent in bringing this plan to fruition, while Kane, Raven, Caleb, and the remaining Glorians engage in a harrowing battle with the Dark Man’s forces. Time, the most enigmatic of all elements in the Dark Lands, is waning, and the ultimate battle for the living world is in play. Through the most traumatic of moments, one will rise, one will fall, and the Dark Lands will never again be the same.

Dark Lands: The Forgotten is an imaginative, unique adventure peopled with memorable characters in an exciting mystical world. Young adults are the heroes, but they are guided by experienced teachers who bring out the best in them. The emotions and challenges are realistic, and there is authentic character growth, making this a three-dimensional story.

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In the last book, an epic battle was waged against the villain, and heart-breaking losses were suffered. Questions were answered as well, but other questions arose, and many of them were answered in this last book of the series. The ones that weren’t had implied answers.

The odds in favor of the good guys are nearly impossible, but yet, working as a team on many fronts brings hope, because these characters are smart enough to believe in each other.

After they struggle through an even more epic battle than the last, there is a feeling, despite losses suffered, that it was all worth it. There is a sense of satisfaction, leaving a reader happy.

A theme of impending doom permeates the book and adds an undercurrent of sadness. Readers are continually offered doses of hope though, and when individual characters are pushed to the limit, they act in amazing ways. The suspense is great. How is this going to end? Will they all die heroes for the greater cause?

Subplots involve relationships, and people must act unselfishly at times. Also, they must be creative problem solvers. This is escapist literature, but it has underlying messages as well and causes one to think about certain things. Their dialogue is revealing. The writing, as in the other books of the series, is descriptive and straightforward. The world-building is exceptional. An atmosphere of falling darkness, of threat, paints a vivid picture and brings out the bold in the characters.

I have read the other three books in this series and was greatly looking forward to this last book. It was not a disappointment.

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