Crotchet My Heart by Carol Pedroso

Crotchet My Heart by Carol Pedroso
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short story (46 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Accountant Tristan plans to make a ton of crochet items for his local LGBT charity to sell at their holiday fair. His only problem? He can’t crochet.

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Tristan might never have crocheted in his life – but he’d watched his grandmother do it with ease and speed, so he figured it couldn’t be all that hard. Promising to bring a pile of hand-made gifts to support his local LGBTQ charity, Tristan is shocked to find he simply can’t get the hang of it. Deciding to attend a class Tristan finds it’s the teacher, Charlie, who steals his attention. With a bit of help from a fellow classmate, can the two men find Christmas cheer together?

This is a fun and lighthearted, Christmas-themed short story that I really enjoyed. Both Tristan and Charlie are interesting and modern characters that I found myself easily relating to. I was pleased that while the story strongly revolved around them and their growing attraction, there were two other strong, secondary characters in the crocheting class that helped make the story feel more rounded out to me. I loved how this story wasn’t particularly dark or intense, just light and happy feeling. Tristan’s character came across as one with a good sense of humour and perfectly able to laugh at himself as well as others. Charlie seemed a little more shy but helpful and eager to teach and share his knowledge.

The two men seemed well suited to each other but neither was certain how the other felt. Readers looking for something heavily erotic might not find this short story suits their tastes. I adored the slow-burn of the romance, it felt so much more realities and relatable to me. Tristan and Charlie grew to know each other and their chemistry was clear – but not explosive – so they each needed a little time to work up to making their move. Again, I found this resonated with me, it felt real and understandable so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There was some emotional conflict in the story when Tristan is in an accident and I found that really helped boost the plot and knit everything together. The romance and bond between Tristan and Charlie is more emotional than physical, but I felt the author did a really good job weaving together the plot, the cast of secondary characters and the emotional highs and lows. I really enjoyed watching Tristan and Charlie grow together and start their relationship and finished this story feeling very satisfied.

A great, short and delightfully Christmas-themed story.

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