Cream (A Hammer Novel) by Sean Michael

Cream by Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (204 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Fetish, Fisting, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Storm owns the Beat & Cream bakery, popular with the Hammer Club members for its name, the amazing pastries Storm bakes, and his willingness to make all sorts of naughty creations. Not into the lifestyle himself, Storm loves the punny nature of the name of his establishment and everyone he’s met have been nice.

Zeb, an unattached Top and Hammer Club member hears about the bakery and knows he must check it out for himself, given he has the world’s biggest sweet tooth. He finds the pastries delicious, but he’s even more taken with the owner himself, and sets out to woo Storm.

It’s easy to fall in love with someone who makes you laugh and brings your life joy, but what happens when that happens with someone who isn’t into the same things you are? Zeb and Storm are about to find out if they can find some mutual ground, or if Zeb’s lifestyle will keep them apart.

Zeb has a serious sweet tooth and with the other guys at the Hammer club raving about the Cream and Beat Bakery his curiosity is aroused. When Zeb sees the naughty shapes and creations the creative chef makes from customer requests, he can’t put it off any longer. He needs to go there. Cakes, pastries and cookies, it all has Zeb’s mouth watering, but the cute owner of the shop – Storm – appeals as much if not more than his baked goods. The chemistry is smoking hot between them, and although Storm isn’t into the BDSM scene, Zeb can’t help the high level of his attraction to the smaller man. As one dinner becomes two and then far more, Zeb and Storm both find their hunger for each other increasing to the point of no return.

This was a great book, filled with seriously hot chemistry and more than a little nipple/fetish play and funny puns. I found myself laughing numerous times and loving how easy and relaxed both Zeb and Storm were together. I found that Storm had a sort of innocence which I really loved. He’s a fully grown man, not some sort of ingénue and he even has quite a temper buried down under a mountain of control. Storm also has a dirty way with the puns and could be a pushy lover, but even through all that he came across to me as very soft and tender, especially in regards to his sexuality. I found the complexities of his character particularly charming and unique. I really loved him and found myself touched by his personality.

I also really felt that Zeb was perfect for him. Zeb might be a Top, might have far more experience, but he didn’t appear to me to be some hard BDSM maniac. He was incredibly patient and willing to work at Storm’s pace. Even more wonderful to my mind, Zeb didn’t need the labels, especially since Storm wasn’t ready to embrace some. For example, Zeb didn’t insist Storm label himself a sub, or call Zeb “Sir” or “Master”. I felt the love and connection between Zeb and Storm was even more intense, more perfect because Zeb was willing to take Storm for who he was. And sure, Zeb pushed Storm sexually, often past what Storm thought of as his comfort levels, but Zeb never crossed the line and never forced Storm into a box/label or doing something he wasn’t thoroughly enjoying. I found that quite different – especially for a BDSM book, where all too often I find the characters need to fit inside specific parameters. Zeb and Storm were outside that and I loved every moment.

While Dominance and Submission is a strong theme throughout the whole story, I found it actually quite tastefully, emotionally and almost romantically written. These are the sorts of stories I love to find and read, where there is such emotion, romance and true depth of caring between the protagonists. Yes, there’s kink and no I won’t be sharing this story with my mother or granny, but it has such a delicious eroticism I devoured the book in one sitting. I greatly enjoyed the deep connection between Zeb and Storm and the romance reader inside me just sighs in blissful happiness.

Clearly this was an amazing story and deeply satisfying. There’s an impressive amount of kinky, delightfully sex scenes and an equally lovely amount of regular “getting to know you” stuff that helped show me just how good Zeb and Storm were together. This was a complex, layered story I enjoyed thoroughly. I would strongly recommend it for readers who like their kink, but don’t want anything too heavy-handed, and also for readers who enjoy their M/M romance and don’t mind a bit of bite in their sex. This is an awesome read.

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