Covenant by BJ McCall


Covenant by BJ McCall
Dragonfire 4
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (62 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Thanks to a mysterious covenant, Byrne Tregaron and Livia Hazac will be bonded for life. Livia is getting the mate of her dreams, a dragon that doesn’t know she exists.

Byrne is getting a mate he doesn’t want, but he can’t break the covenant without shaming his clan. Byrne is spending his last night as an unmated dragon his way, a blowout last-hours-of-freedom party.

Livia is aware that Byrne doesn’t want a Hazac for a mate and for him keeping the covenant is a matter of honor, not desire. She has one shot to capture her dragon on her terms. She attends Byrne’s party with seduction in mind.

One night. Her way.

Byrne Tregaron is about to have everything he’s ever wanted. In just days, he will become a dragon warrior after years of training, and he is looking forward to starting his new career. When he is called into his grandfather’s study, he is curious as to what is going on, and soon learns that he has been entered into a covenant, to be mated to a dragon he doesn’t even know exists. To break the covenant would be to lose it all; his career, his family’s honor and his personal freedom. He agrees, and decides to have one last big night of freedom. Livia Hazac has loved Byrne Tregaron most of her life, and is shocked when she learns of her covenant to join with Byrne. When her friend hears about the party, they decide to crash it, and Livia is determined to earn Byrne’s affection, her way. As she watches him chat with all the beautiful women, Livia takes off on a solo flight, not realizing Byrne noticed her, and followed her away from the party. Catching her was no problem, and after one of the best nights of his life, with a woman he only knows as Via, Byrne has a big decision to make. He realizes that what he shared with his mystery woman was more than just a fling, she is his true dragon mate. Will Byrne honor his covenant, forsaking true love? Will he bring shame upon the family, lose his career and all he’s trained for to be with Via? Or will he discover things can be more than he ever thought possible?

Covenant is BJ McCall’s fourth Dragonfire book, and one of the most fun to read. I like this world Ms. McCall has created, one with passion and desire around every corner, and paranormal characters who have the same worries as any of the normal people: insecurity, low self esteem, indecision, all are seen in this one, and it made the story more intriguing. The characters in this one were well developed, and I enjoyed the interaction between all of them.

Livia Hazac is from a typical middle-class dragon family, and has watched her heart’s desire for years. She is generous and attentive to friends, regardless of who they are. I liked that she helped an old lady, with no thought of reward, just to be her friend. I like that she has her own goals in life, besides wanting a man she doesn’t think will ever notice her. She has a core of inner strength, and I found her to be a loyal and intelligent woman as well.

Byrne Tregaron is a man born of privilege, strong in character and willing to work hard for what he wants. He is handsome and intelligent, and determined to enjoy life to the fullest. I liked that he didn’t just walk away from the covenant, and that he was willing to do what was required, in spite of his inner turmoil. As he got to know Via, I was surprised she never revealed her true identity, but I wanted to watch as plans unfolded for these two.

There are plenty of secrets here, such as Via’s real identity, and the truth behind the covenant. There is lots of heat in this one, and the scenes between Via and Byrne are off the charts for pure sexiness and passion. I really enjoyed the big reveal at the end of this, and even the one sad point was handled with gentle care, bringing a sense of closure to an old hurt. This is one for those who like knowing that sometimes, dreams do come true, and once in a while, you can have what you want. But beware, this one could burn your fingers, so handle with care.


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