Consciousness Detoured by Miladine Etienne

Consciousness Detoured by Miladine Etienne
Publisher: Molding Messengers
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary, Poetry
Length: Short Story (42 pages)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

In this collection of short poems, the author uses her words to take readers on a journey through their most personal thoughts. The emotions captured on these pages are things we all experience and feel, and that allows the context to be extremely relatable. Get lost in this book as love, family, pain, and self-care are discussed. Truly a comfort read.

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This is the sort of poetry that thrives when it’s read out loud. I liked it when I read it silently, but I enjoyed it even more when I heard myself speak the words in it and noticed alliterations and rhyming schemes in some of them that weren’t as obvious the first time around. They were marvellous.

There were several different types of poetry represented in this collection. Most of it was free verse, but there were also some poems that stuck to fairly regular rhyming schemes. I liked the fact that they all covered such a wide range of topics, but I couldn’t help but to wonder if it would have been better to either stick to one type of poetry or bundle all of the poems on the same topic together into the same book. It was a little jarring for me as a reader to not only jump around in subject matter constantly but to also leapfrog from poems that followed predictable rhyming patterns to ones that did not.

One of the best parts of this collection was a poem called “Haitian.” It was so short and pithy that I dare not quote a single word of it or say which part of Haiti’s history it was referring to, but I thought it represented the author’s talent with drilling down to the heart of the matter nicely. If other readers are planning to read this collection out of order, I’d definitely recommend starting here.

Consciousness Detoured should be read by anyone who loves poetry or the inspirational genre.

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