Coercion by Chloe Cole

Coercion by Chloe Cole
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (162 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

A Montana Wolves crossover romance…

Book One:
When Willa Stone is cast aside by the alpha-wolf she’s been promised to since birth, she’s humiliated and angry, but also secretly relieved. Now, maybe she’ll have the chance to mate for love. If her power-crazed parents will just give her a little time, she’s sure to find the man of her dreams…

Dragon-shifter, Drake Blackbourne, has an itch to scratch and precious few options for an outlet. When the Stone family offers up their daughter’s hand in exchange for protection and political favors, he agrees to wed her, sight unseen. Drastic times call for drastic measures and, so long as she does her part and keeps out of his way the rest of the time, surely he can manage to bed her, no matter how plain she might be.

What he doesn’t expect is that captivating, defiant Willa will ignite a fire in him that will burn everything in its path, and turn both of their worlds upside down…

Book Two:
Willa Stone is stuck on a mountain with the dragon-shifter she was forced to wed, and she can’t wait to escape. At least, that’s how things start out, but day by day, Drake Blackbourne is breaking down her defenses. If she stays, she risks losing herself to him forever, but if she goes, will she be able to reconnect to the wolf-pack who betrayed her?

Book Three:
Willa Stone has been fighting for freedom her whole life. Freedom from her parents. Freedom from the tyranny of a cruel, power hungry alpha. And now, the freedom to select a mate of her own choosing.

When she’s sold into an arranged marriage with dragon-shifter Drake Blackbourne to gain political favor for her family, every part of her rails against the injustice of it all…until now. She’s fallen in love with her captor. But when a cruel twist of fate tears them apart, it will take everything she has to regain his trust and recapture the happiness she found in his arms.

I’m glad I waited until the box set of Coercion came out because I would have been chomping at the bit from those two cliffhangers. This book contains all three novelettes so I could read to my heart’s content until the conclusion of the happy ever after and I’m very pleased.

Because they are all together, I’m not going to break them down by book. The overall story is about a woman whose parents use her as a pawn. They practically force her to marry a man unseen, and said woman, Willa, is frustrated, beyond belief. I’d be too. No one listens to her or takes her seriously and I could understand why she tried at every opportunity to get away. It makes perfect sense.

Drake is a hard character to understand, mostly because the author wanted it that way. Doing so made me feel more strongly towards Willa’s predicament. Even being in Drake’s head, from his POV, I still found that he kept secrets from both the reader and Willa. It kept me guessing which means it kept me reading.

It was easy to follow Willa’s path as she fell in love with her captor husband. A reader sees her thought process much more clearly and her insight is crucial to believing the relationship had a chance at success. She might have been a pawn, but she’s no pushover. She has a brain and is not afraid to use it. Unfortunately, Drakes brain is a bit distracted, so he doesn’t make the best decisions, which contributes to the conflict. This is definitely a character driven romance story.

The one thing that works well between them is their physical attraction and chemistry. A reader is left in no doubt that they are highly compatible in bed. Drake’s a bit rough, but he is a dragon after all.

I think the only drawback to the whole story was Drake’s stubbornness. It was a bit overwhelming at times to the point where Willa wasn’t the only one frustrated. I wanted to knock some sense into the blockhead.

There are only two other secondary characters that are worth mentioning, Greyson, and Etienne. Of the two, Etienne is the more interesting because he’s a frenemy. His character is the perfect foil for Drake because he allows me to see a different side to Drake’s personality. I wouldn’t mind finding out more about the other dragon.

Coercion as a whole is the way to go. It kept me entertained and fascinated. I liked Willa and felt she was the more well-rounded character of the two, enough that I was cheering for her throughout the entire story. The personality conflicts between Drake and the heroine were intriguing and part of its charm. I liked the dialogue and the lair descriptions, especially the chair. That produced a giggle or two.

Coercion is worth recommending to fans of dragon paranormals and readers who enjoy stories whose only focus is on the relationship dynamics between a hero and heroine; on how they overcome their personality differences to discover their happy ever after. It’s a fun read.

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