Caught on Camera Parts 4 and 5 by Lily Harlem

Caught on Camera Parts 4 and 5 by Lily Harlem
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (104 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Part Four:

A bag of surprise props brings new spice to Reece’s life, but how does he feel about so many ‘firsts’ in public?

The filming of porn movie Slippery Slots is reaching its grand climax. Reece has stretched himself in the role of Timothy and given over to lust and desire in front of the camera many times. But when a host of new toys, including a flogger, are delivered as props for the final scene, he finds himself wondering if he’s hit the limits of his sexual, on-screen capabilities.

He must go to Odin’s Raven, a BDSM club in the backstreets of Las Vegas, and be strung up on a cross, naked for all to see. Now instead of a faceless audience, real people will be there to watch him flogged, whipped and buggered. He has to hold in his cries and gasps as he learns the beauty of pain mixing with pleasure. Can he do it? Will pain be pleasurable?

There is only one man he trusts for the job. One person who knows what Reece wants and needs, and how far he can be pushed. That person is Cade, the man Reece is falling for with every beat of his heart.

But will the beating finish Reece off or send him to that foggy, mindless sub-space of ecstasy? Only time will tell and everyone will be witness to the result. He has no place to hide.

Part Five:

Coming down from a high can sometimes result in a crash—but not if handled with care.

Reece’s experience filming the last scene of Slippery Slots has left him drained, satisfied and in need of some serious aftercare. He’s been branded, taken to new heights of pleasure and also been more vulnerable than ever before.

But all this makes for a great movie. The heat factor is at boiling point, the up-close-and-personal angles of the camera are deliciously shocking and the chemistry between Reece and his co-star, Cade, is explosive.
Of course, even porn stars have to live in the real world and for Reece, that means returning to his small flat in his English hometown. It’s hard to land in his old life and his need for Cade—not just in his arms but in his life—is more than he can stand.

So when Cade appears on his doorstep with a hot-off-the-press DVD that they’re the two main stars of, things are bound to get frisky, flirty and downright filthy.

Reece has never been happier or more terrified. He’s made his money, made a movie and made love to the man he can’t bear to be apart from.

But does Cade feel the same way, or was it all an act for the camera? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to remove the layers, the masks and ask the all-important questions.

Now that the filming of Slippery Slots, Reece’s first adult film, is reaching its conclusion, he’s ready for whatever the script can throw at him, no matter how outrageous. With one last epic scene left to shoot, he’s left preparing for the end of his wild adventure abroad. But will it be the end of his relationship with Cade, too? Or will that outlast the film and all the notoriety that comes along with it?

Part four of Caught on Camera leads Reece and Cade to a BDSM club in Las Vegas for a scene of intense sex and bondage. Although Reece is a bit intimidated by the whole idea, having Cade by his side for it all makes it both manageable and worth his while, which I found to be both sweet and a bit sappy. I got quite a laugh over the two women the boys meet at the beginning that went from wanting to hook up to becoming their biggest fan girls. Part five is our resolution, wherein all the filming is done and the boys are left to themselves. I felt really sad for Reece at first when his insecurities started to surface. Although I was certain they’d get their get their happy ending, I felt as unsure as he did. The little added twist at the end with the movie made me grin, it was an obvious but still enjoyable way to end their story.

Both Reece and Cade have come a long way during the course of the serial. I loved watching Reece become more sure of himself. Sitting back and observing as they took this insane idea of filming an adult film and turning it into an opportunity to find real love was quite a treat. I would highly recommend this serial to anyone who loves a good old fashioned love story with a not so traditional setting. Besides, most of it takes place in Vegas, baby. Odds are you might just fall in love with it too. I know I certainly did.

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