Broken Survivor by Jennifer Labelle

Broken Survivor by Jennifer Labelle
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Full Length (410 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Holly Hewitt is a survivor…

After witnessing her mother’s murder, Holly was returned to her abusive father. Resorting to drugs and alcohol, she ends up landing herself in foster care, where she is separated from her sister and utterly alone.

Zander Harrison is the light to her darkness…

Zander is young, athletic, and carefree, with the support of a loving family. But when Holly is placed in foster care with his brother’s in-laws, she turns his world upside down.

He’s driven to protect her, and to show her the past has made her strong, life is worth living, and love is worth fighting for. If only he can convince her to trust him and stop resisting their mutual attraction.

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And all the hard work in the world can’t save…

A broken survivor.

Tears, heartbreak, sadness, and jubilation are waiting for you in this book!

Broken Survivor is an amazing story of challenges, frustration, of giving up and acceptance. The story follows the life of Holly Hewitt from young teenager to adult. Holly is forced to grow up quickly due to the broken home she lives in which finally culminates into the murder of her mother. Throughout the book Holly deals with the remorse of poor choices and the guilt that she has caused her mother’s death.

The author does an amazing job at chronicling the life of Holly and bringing her emotions to the forefront. Whereas Holly sometimes makes poor decisions and has to face the consequences, the reader is placed in a position to understand the thoughts that have caused Holly to take the actions which she has taken.

The internal struggles, disappointment and fears that Holly feels are feelings that resonate with the reader. The lack of a support system, a broken family circle and the ever consuming feelings of worthlessness and abandonment from being forced from home to home tear at the heart of the reader. Jace, the appointed School Social Worker tries to walk Holly through the grief and rebuilding processes but even Jace is forced to back down when Holly is unwilling to change her actions.

The relationship between Holly and her boyfriend Zander is one that goes beyond physical attraction. When Holly and Zander first spend time together, the reader begins to understand that Zander can see the beauty that Holly hides from the world. Holly holds back, fearing the destructive cycle of abuse that she has so often witnessed her mother being pulled into. The author is remarkable in portraying the sexual attraction and the internal struggle that Holly finds herself facing.

The author vividly reinforces the ever strong tide of emotions within Holly. The constant nightmares become more and more real, the memories that Holly struggles to repress come flooding back with a vengeance. The letters that Holly writes to her mother show her inward struggles and growing feelings of depression. These all add to the outward constant struggle that the reader is made keenly aware of through Holly’s interactions. One of the greatest quotes that I found which describe Holly’s feelings is: “it felt like I was trapped in the bad memories and couldn’t escape.”

Holly is a very likable character and for those who have gone through struggles similar to hers will find that the feelings, choices and struggles presented by the author are very real and approached in a very strong way. Several times throughout the book Holly struggles to understand her own emotions which have come to torment her.

If you want to read a story where you feel you grow as much as the characters grow and you wish to feel the raw emotions stir within you just like the author describes, I highly recommend this book! I could not put it down!

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