Bride of Death By Viola Grace

Bride of Death By Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (56 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Prepared to die for her people, she is ready for a fight, but what she gets is an imprisonment that evolves into something unexpected.

Saloa is in charge of the last group of guards for her people. They were unable to join the exodus that took their people away from their home, but they are prepared to die for their home.

General Hinlior was ready to fight an entire city but only sixteen armoured warriors were waiting for him. He disabled them and the medic’s scan showed the surprising discovery of a Life Bringer in the mix. One breedable female is found, and it is reason for excitement among their people.

If only he had known that Saloa was a hand-to-hand combat specialist, he might just have thought twice before separating her from the other prisoners.

The Prothean’s have fled their world after a message arrives to warn them they are trespassing and the Death Bringers will be coming to Laksiira to cleanse the surface of their presence. In an attempt to stop the Death Bringers from following the colonists, Saloa Winger and fifteen colony guards are all that is left to fight the enemy. A hopeless task.

General Hinlior, leader of the Death Bringers, is surprised there are only sixteen defendants of the planet. He knocks the guards unconscious and imprisons them on his ship. Another surprise awaits him when he finds one of the guards is a female, what Hinlior’s people call a Life Bringer. Saloa is treated with respect and discovers only certain males are considered suitable for breeding purposes, due to the fact there are not enough females and Hinlior’s people are a dying breed.

Both main characters are feisty and Saloa has a mind of her own when told of the laws of the Anvin. She is inwardly amused as the Anvin are obviously not conversant with the breeding requirements of her own people.

This story made very enjoyable reading. Individual in style, the plot leads the reader to a well thought out conflict Saloa and Hinlior add a touch of amusement to the tale. A good meeting of two races at odds with each other, and the discovery they can help one another if they wish, but each race must make the other believe they are in earnest when offers of friendship are made.

Ms Grace has a way with short Sci-Fi Fairy Tales and I’d be happy to read more of her work.

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