Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann


Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (344 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

London’s Lord Vampire Has Problems

Dr. John Polidori’s tale “The Vampyre” burst upon the Regency scene along with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein after that notorious weekend spent writing ghost stories with Lord Byron.

A vampire crazy broke out instantly in the haut ton.

Now Ian Ashton, the Lord Vampire of London, has to attend tedious balls, linger in front of mirrors, and eat lots of garlic in an attempt to quell the gossip.

If that weren’t annoying enough, his neighbor, Angelica Winthrop has literary aspirations of her own and is sneaking into his house at night just to see what she can find.

Hungry, tired, and fed up, Ian is in no mood to humor his beautiful intruder…

A fearless virgin and a reclusive duke sound interesting when paired together but throw in a vampire duke and a young woman determined to remain unmarried and willing to do anything to ensure she won’t, makes this book unique and fascinating.

It’s a great concept. Angela isn’t a simpering miss. She is well read, adventurous in spirit and fights the restraints that society puts upon her position. She doesn’t want to be married because to her, it’s a death sentence. It’s a guaranteed demise of all her hopes and dreams because what she wants isn’t what proper young ladies should even contemplate. In her own simple and naive way, Angela bucks the system and achieves some small success. It’s when things get out of control that the book gets interesting. The heroine discovers quite a few things that shake up her well-ordered view of the world – and she wouldn’t have it any other way. I liked how fearless she was at times, and how innocent she really is. That innocence will eventually be her undoing. Her growing love for Ian will propel her to change from a young girl in love to a woman willing to stand for and by her man. Her personal journey is ripe with amazing discoveries and adventures brought upon by external conflicts but the most growth is from her facing her internal conflicts. Angela comes out of the whole experience a much stronger person.

Ian is not a normal duke and his life is lived on two levels – ton by day, Lord of London at night. His skills are interesting and his bemusement over this lively and daring young lady that has turned his life upside down is fun to watch. A reader can see him slowly but surely fall in love with the heroine but he has that pesky nature that is inherent in all men – the ability to deny and deceive themselves about their real feelings. It will take a significant outside conflict to shake him up and drop the scales from his eyes.

I liked Angela and Ian and I thought they were well matched. What I wasn’t too fond of was the typical worn-out ploy of creating a conflict based on one party eavesdropping on the other and hearing something out of context that sets them up for, what I term, “unnecessary madness”. He’s clueless, she’s put out and they dance around each other’s emotions while trying to ‘fix’ something that neither knows how to because they don’t really know what is wrong. It sort of drove me barmy. Because men and women were not supposed to talk openly back in the day, I guess the conflict could be considered realistic to a degree but it still raised my ire.

There are two conflicts that basically intertwine and pester the relationship between Ian and Angela. One is fairly serious and does provide a nice amount of suspense and drama. The other would have benefitted from the same thing that would help Ian and Angela – talk, communicate. You know, take responsibility, step up and fight for what’s right instead of wallowing in worst case scenarios and let fear guide their actions. It’s the furtive nature of both – one of the secondary characters and indeed Angela -that made me sigh with exasperation. It all eventually turns out alright and I’m glad the author chose to end one of the conflicts the way she did. It was a twisted happy ending but it worked.

Rafe was interesting and I liked him. Despite the few things that didn’t ring my happy chimes in this tale, there is one amazing secondary character that the author introduced that I am actually looking forward to meeting again in any future books Ms. Ann writes – Lord Deveril. The author didn’t elaborate much beyond admitting he was another vampire and a recluse. It was his dialogue exchanges with Angela and Ian that fascinated me, hooked me and made me more than willing to read more stories written by Ms. Ann.

Overall, this author has a nice style of writing when the action focuses on the doing. The dramatic parts are tightly written and kept me engaged all the way through. Angela is amusing in her cheekiness and Ian is sexy and entertaining as he navigates his dual roles. There is much to recommend this book.

Bite Me, Your Grace is unique, adorable and provides a delightful way to spend an afternoon. It’s not heavy in dark drama, has a different spin on the typical historical romance and Ms. Ann has put her own personal twist on the vampire myth. I liked her interpretation. Also, the happily ever after is preceded by all the loose ends being tied up in a believable and satisfactory manner which I applaud. This is a good read and I am glad I had a chance to enjoy it.


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to review the book! You’ll be pleased to hear that Lord Deveril is the hero of the 2nd book, ONE BITE PER NIGHT.

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