Beware the Fury by Lena Austin

Beware the Fury by Lena Austin
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (56 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Detective Bach didn’t like getting thrown off the case of the Feather Boa Killer just because he’d begun to suspect it was personal between him and the killer. Turns out he was right — the killer follows him to Los Regalos and picks up his murderous spree there.
Bach likes it even less when his new partner at Los Regalos is a lady detective with a really bad temper, snakes in her hair, bat wings, and an infallible nose for murder. Oh, yeah, and Cissy’s got a mushy heart for animals — lots of animals. And she’s a triplet. And a goddess — really! His head hurts.

Cissy’s real name is Tisiphone the Fury, and she’s been trying to find her own individuality since she and her sisters decided to live on different continents. What’s a Fury supposed to do except become a murder detective at Los Regalos? Now her contract is near an end and she’s weighing her options. That is, until Detective Bastian Bach walks into her precinct and dumps the case of a serial killer on Cissy’s desk. Her nose tells her more. Bach’s right. It’s personal.

And it’s about to get really personal.

Oh, wow! Not only was this short story different, but it’s really cool! I know this is supposed to be an erotic story and it is, with all the usual kinky fun stuff, but there’s something about Beware the Fury that made it a pure pleasure to read. I think it was the author’s storytelling voice. I liked her style.

The tale opens up with a crime scene, so that was gripping right there. Then there is a moment when the hero has to break it to his brother that he has to cancel their ‘brother time’ because he has to leave town immediately, so there’s a wonderful family element. It showed me that whatever case Bastian was working on was messing up his life and the one fun thing he had to look forward to – spending time with family. I felt connected to the hero’s pain, and, his frustration.

Then I got to meet Cissy. She is not at all what I expected. In fact, I enjoyed all the aspects about the heroine. I know she’s supposed to be a dominatrix but the tale didn’t really focus on the lifestyle. The clothing is there, and some hints and references show up but this story was more focused on the sex and shenanigans between Cissy and Bastian. I was very satisfied on how everything was handled.

Cissy is not a normal heroine. She has a few issues but those issues sure come in handy when faced with the villain in the final showdown. In fact, that conflict resolution was intense, amazing, face paced and well written. But what happens at the very end of the confrontation totally threw me. No way did I expect to happen what ended up happening. I totally understood Cissy’s point of view and I credit Ms. Austin’s writing skills with making me sniffle along with the heroine. I was thoroughly vested in her pain and wanting her to experience true happiness.

The villain in the piece is truly shocking. Because this is a paranormal romance, I had a lot of ideas of whom or what it could be. None of them came close to the truth. Whoa!

Beware the Fury is a surprisingly powerful gem for a short story. Both Bastian and Cissy’s characters were developed enough to engage my emotions, feelings and interest. I had so much fun reading about all the paranormal beings being treated like everyday citizens when they most certainly are not. I enjoyed the dialogue, descriptions and the overall reading experience. Could there have been more development? Sure, probably – but I don’t care. I liked what I read, I had a great time, I’m happy skippy about the HEA and that’s enough for me.


  1. Lena Austin says:

    Thank you X! Loved the review.

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