Between Duty and Desire by Sara Seyfarth

Between Duty and Desire by Sara Seyfarth
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (49 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

A chieftain’s daughter destined for an arranged marriage, Aithne is resigned to her role as a pawn in the clan’s alliance negotiations. Only her growing love for warrior Aodhan makes her dream of something better.

On the day of her betrothal, she’s attacked by a different clan leader’s son. When she realizes her captor plans to make war, she knows she must escape to warn her father. And more than ever, she longs to find a way into the arms of her only love.

Until the moment the chieftain announces Aithne’s betrothal, Aodhan always thought he could let her go. He doesn’t think it can get worse until he finds blood and broken pottery in the forest.

Now that he’s lost her, he knows he can’t live without her…

Between Duty and Desire is an enjoyable read where the characters actually feel real. Though the story is short, the connection between Aodhan and Aithne was felt. It’s an awesome love story that really touched me as a reader. Under the circumstances their relationship wasn’t possible since Aithne was promised to a chieftain, but how they longed for each other from a distance was so romantic. Their love story is mesmerizing. The author did an incredible job in portraying their relationship in more than words. It actually felt like a love affair that could have actually happened.

The characters were strong and likable. Lairgnen, Aithne’s father was trusted to handle his duty to protect the clan. Then you have Aodhan, whose desire for Aithne lead him to take a stand against clan tradition. The men were strong and the daughters were ones to admire for their bravery to and commitment to their clan.

I enjoyed the storyline and the scenario is the right setting for this novella. The setting and time of the story was right in that the story flowed and gave across a satisfying read. The writing style was a pleasure to read, including the description of the actions and the scenery were enough to place me right there in the story.

Awesome read! Truly one I would recommend.

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