Beneath A Hot Tequila Sun by Catelyn Cash

Beneath A Hot Tequila Sun by Catelyn Cash
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (142 pages)
Other: Ménage, M/F, M/M, M/M/F, double penetration, sex toys
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Lilac

Sculptor Kayla MacPherson travels to Mexico to study the art in a remote pyramid on an island in a river in the middle of a steamy jungle. She isn’t looking for sex or adventure but finds both when she is trapped on the island overnight with American archaeologist Jake Forrester and his soldier friend, Seth.

Jake and Seth both want Kayla. And they don’t mind sharing. The problem is, Kayla doesn’t seem the type of girl who is up for a threesome. So the men are very much surprised to hear this isn’t her first.

What Kayla doesn’t tell them is that her previous menage didn’t live up to expectations–especially as her male partners ignored her and started getting it on with each other. And she definitely doesn’t tell them how much it turned her on to watch. Which is okay because Jake and Seth have their own secrets. Like, sometimes when the mood takes them, they are a lot more than friends.
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They could be perfect for each other, if only they didn’t keep secrets…

One woman, two men, a rain storm, a dark night, and a sex pyramid in the jungle. What else could one want from a steaming hot threesome?

Kayla is a divorced sculptor who has wanted to see the pyramid of Ma’ K’âaba in Mexico for ages. Finally able to go, she travels to the beautiful pyramid, only to get trapped there by a sudden rain storm, accompanied by two hot guys, Jake the archaeology professor, and Seth the soldier. A sexy interlude follows. But when the night is over, the threesome have some decisions to make–which is complicated by all three keeping secrets: Kayla likes threesomes but doesn’t want to be a mere third wheel to a couple of guys who get it on with each other, and Jake and Seth are more than friends, but unable to admit it, and can’t quite make up their minds about Kayla.

There is virtually no plot here beyond what I’ve stated above. The backdrop is a jungle pyramid devoted to all kinds of depictions of sex, and the storm gives Kayla and the guys a reason to take shelter there–and to engage in all manner of sexual activities. In fact, the whole story seems to be nothing more than a string of sex scenes loosely knitted together by a light plot. As this was what I was looking for, I was quite content with what I got.

The characters have their reasons for being who they are and why they do what they do but I wouldn’t call them particularly realistic. These characters are simply sexy and funny and kinda cute but do I think real people would act like this? No. Their interactions had some bright moments, such as the scene when Kayla figures out that Jake is in fact American and speaks English, so when Kayla accuses him of deceiving her, Jake says: “Aren’t women supposed to like men who listen?” Good timing and a good line for the scenario.

Their dialogue in the beginning is mainly sexual teasing and flirting, again matching well with what I expected from a sex romp. As characters, their personalities aren’t particularly intricate, which is reflected in their talks and acts. But… at times they do show a bit more personality, such as when Jake and Seth finally talk about their past when they’d taken care of each other’s needs but still claimed they aren’t gay. Having to admit that their sexuality is bisexual, not hetero, is a big admission from both, and I appreciated the conversation, as short and to the point as it was.

There’s really not much to say beyond this being a story full of hot sex with one woman and two men, in various combinations. As a sexy threesome romp, I recommend this, because you know exactly what you’re getting.

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