Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond by Bonnie Gardner


Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond by Bonnie Gardner
Publisher: Astraea Press
Genre: contemporary, paranormal
Length: Full Length (270 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

When Corrie Wallace turns her family’s old summer home into a bed and breakfast inn, she expects there may be problems. She doesn’t expect sexy, ghost hunter, Ben Hamilton, nor does she plan to deal with two amorous ghosts who need help taking care of the unfinished business that keeps them earthbound.

Renovating an old home is a major overhaul on it’s own, but add ghosts and a ghost hunter? Well…let’s just say things are going to get plenty interesting around here!

Corrie Wallace has plenty of work to do. No time for distractions like a sexy professor becoming one of their first guests, right? Well, not so much. Ben is not what she expected, that’s for sure. I have to admire Corrie for her strength and determination to make something great out of an old summer home. Something like that is a huge project, but she keeps everything in check and handles it well. All around, her character is well crafted and easy to relate to, very believable.

Then you enter Ben. He’s fascinated by ghosts, and wants to write about them. What transpires next is something that neither Corrie or Ben could have ever imagined! Spirits come into play..Oh my! Now, I wish there had been more about Ben and his history. While I really liked him, I didn’t get as much of a glimpse into his character as I would have hoped. Still, he’s intriguing and likable, and I love the way he connects with Corrie.

The past connects with the future, as the story of a couple with a tragic ending comes into play. The legend could be true, but now the question is, where are these ghosts and what exactly do they want? Corrie and Ben could fall into their grasp, but is it a good or bad thing? Well, I’m not telling you that! You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I really enjoyed this story. I’m a sucker for ghosts and when they have a important role in the story line that works even better for me. Bed, Breakfast and Beyond is a sensual read, with twists and turns to keep things very interesting, and a love that unfolds to warm the hearts of romance fans everywhere. Why not grab yourself a copy?

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