Barracuda’s Heart by Jayne Rylon

Barracuda’s Heart by Jayne Rylon
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (137 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/M, M/F/M, Menage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Carver always thought he could sense when Roman was on the verge of falling into his inner darkness. But this time, Carver misses those cues—and leads the police on a high-speed race to the ER, praying his Barracuda won’t die on the way.

When Roman awakens from the haze of painkillers and alcohol, he already knows the question poised on Carver’s lips. Was it an accident—or did he deliberately dance on the edge of death? How can he tell Meep that lust and laughter are no longer enough to help him cope with the rapid changes among the Hot Rods?

Part of him is happy for them. The other part is pissed. Because what he’s always wanted is Carver all to himself. Much as he loves his brother mechanics, sharing isn’t his strong suit.

Roman needs time—and distance—to get his head on straight. The only question is, when Roman comes home from rehab, will Carver still love the man he has become—or will their roads have diverged too far to cross each other again?

I have really been looking forward to this book. Roman and Carver were so hot together!

Jayne Rylon turned on the waterworks with this one. The characters, angst, and drama were perfectly blended to create an absolutely captivating story that brought me to tears more than once. Several issues combined to make this book more emotional. Roman was seriously damaged by an abusive past that left him coping by using drugs, alcohol, and sexual exploits. Now all that is failing, and it’s partly because he doesn’t want to share Carver. Thrown into the volatile mix is the fact that he is a very dominant man who needs to take control of his lover. Considering his past it causes some tension and a fair amount of guilt for him. It was in Swinger Style that the situation escalated to the point where Roman attempted suicide. Barracuda’s Heart begins with the aftermath of his breakdown and his road to recovery. Then there was the fact that Carver had his own issues and needs that may spell disaster for their relationship.

The thing that worked most for me in this story was the connection between Roman and Carver. The way this author wrote these characters, and especially the sex scenes, the chemistry was a palpable thing that I could almost feel. The sex scenes were so scorching hot that I was left blushing.

I’ve come to expect a certain kind of brilliance from this author and she really came through on this book. She created an entertaining and steamy story that touched on some intense subject material without having it overwhelm the romance part of the book. Now it must be said that the menage aspect is fairly light in this one. There are a few scenes, of course, but it’s simply not as predominant as it generally tends to be in this series. I have to say that it worked well for me in this one.

Just as I had expected, Barracuda’s Heart was a great read for me!

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