Bad Moon Rising by Pelaam

Bad Moon Rising by Pelaam
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Marcus is a bear shifter, living peacefully in the mountains with the rest of his sleuth made up of other shifters as well as humans.

When he rescues Kody, a lynx shifter, it changes both their lives. Marcus knows his mate, but Kody has been abused in the past and Marcus is aware he must court his mate carefully.

But not all those in his sleuth are pleased that Marcus brought Kody to live with them and are furious to find Marcus intends to claim Kody as his mate.
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Can a determined bear break down the barriers a lynx has surrounded him with and claim his mate?

Marcus, a bear shifter, meets Kody, a lynx shifter, by chance when Kody is trying to escape his abusers and kidnappers. Feeling an immediate connection, Marcus offers Kody not only his freedom, but protection in Marcus’ own group of friends that has formed their own pack together. Kody is nervous but willing to trust Marcus. Can they make something together?

I enjoyed this fast-paced short story. While I understand the author hurrying the plotline along because of the short length of the story, I would have appreciated Marcus and Kody’s relationship having a little bit more time to develop. I was very grateful they didn’t jump immediately into bed together – Kody absolutely wasn’t ready for physical intimacy after being held captive – but with a few interweaving plotlines I was left feeling as if the whole story was just rushed a little too much.

I guessed much of the plot between Kody’s abusers and one of Marcus’ family members and felt it was a little bit cliched. Again, with such a short page-count there wasn’t a huge amount of time for the author to really delve into a heavy plot or a complicated series of events, but I feel perhaps if one of the plotlines had been cut this might have made room to better flesh out (and finish) the remaining plot and still devote a decent amount of space to Kody and Marcus starting their new relationship.

I was surprised, though, that the author left some of the plot dangling unresolved, which really surprised me. Readers looking for an intricate or freshly different storyline won’t find that here and while Marcus and Kody’s relationship is completed and solidified, not all of the plot has that satisfying feeling of being finished. I did, however, enjoy Marcus and Kody’s characters and the small family Marcus had built from various friends, family and others. The characters really shine in this story and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

A fun and easy paranormal short story, this was a good, quick read.

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