Back in Bliss by Sophie Oak

Back in Bliss by Sophie Oak
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (284 pgs)
Other: BDSM M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Logan Green is back in Bliss, but only for a few weeks to help out at the sheriff’s office. Everything changes when Seth Stark strolls into town with Georgia Dawson on his arm.

Seth’s arrival is anything but a happy accident. He always dreamed of a big house on the river and a wife he could share with his best friend, Logan. After building a software empire, his only goal has been to make that dream come true. He just needed the perfect woman.

Georgia is still haunted by the dark, troubled Dom who saved her life. She can’t get Logan out of her head. Her boss brought her to Bliss to help him outfit his new summer home, but when Logan Green walks through the door she discovers Seth has something different in mind.

Seth has a plan for their mutual happily ever after, but he never dreamed that coming home would put all their lives in danger.

A lot can happen in a year’s time, especially when it happens in the pages of an engrossing series of books. By the numbers: After Logan’s life altering ordeal in One to Keep, it has taken readers traveling to Dallas four times, crossing into the Faery plane three times and visiting Bliss four more times, all within approximately twelve months in order to be present for one heart-wrenching redemption. That’s eleven books and a whole lot of amazing HEAs to get to Back in Bliss. Lost in Bliss came after One to Keep and while it wasn’t specifically Logan’s book the title is appropriate for what happened to the young, idealistic, comic book reading young man. He lost something that could never be fully reclaimed the day the mob visited Bliss and it’s been one heck of journey to get Back in Bliss.

More than once the question of ever truly being able to come home is brought up in the minds of both Seth and Logan. The way the author goes about answering that question is heart of this story and she does it with her usual wit and special blend of charm. She doesn’t leave Seth and Logan to carry this story alone either. Ms. Oak gave these unique men an amazing third to make up their trio in the form of Hurricane Georgia. I first met bratty, smart mouthed Georgia in Siren Unleashed and knew right away anyone from the Dawson clan was going to be formidable. They haven’t disappointed me so far. Chase and Ben found their HEA with Natalie in Siren Unleashed and I got some terrific hints at Win, Drew and Mark’s futures in Back in Bliss. With Georgia as their sister, they don’t stand a chance. I’m pretty sure I met a future heroine or two this time around as well.

Logan won the hearts of readers when he endured extreme punishment to protect his friends in One to Keep. He’s a different kind of tortured hero because he didn’t come to Bliss looking for healing. He was born and raised there. Readers witnessed his decent into darkness and I think that’s what made his redemption so much sweeter and anticipated. It also might have been the fact that Logan was a tertiary character. Not really even a secondary character; he was a forgettable if not lovable towny. Ms. Oak brought this young man out obscurity and onto a painful path that was necessary on so many levels. He doesn’t truly appreciate the journey until he’s faced with a certain group of baddies who always seem to find their way to Bliss. They obviously hadn’t read the papers over the last year or so. It never ends well for the bad guys visiting Bliss, but I’m okay with that.

Seth Stark is the other M in this M/F/M sandwich. He and Logan have been as close as brothers since they were boys. Ms. Oak always shows growth in her characters but I wasn’t sure how a multi-billionaire tech geek who seemed like an absolute doll had room to grow. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Seth is similar to Stef Talbot in that money talks for him. It opens doors and greases wheels. In short, it either makes people happy or it makes people disappear. It also makes the owner a bit arrogant even if it’s unintentional. Money has made Seth a little oblivious to the world around him and at a loss as to why his friends don’t simply accept his gifts with a thank you and a smile. Seth was more worldly than Logan prior to the “incident” but in some ways he was just as naïve.

Georgia Dawson is exactly the type of woman that Logan needed and who Seth knew he wanted from first sight. I loved the chemistry between these three. What I found completely interesting was how the dynamics were so different between Georgia and Logan and Georgia and Seth. Even though Georgia is the common factor it’s as if she’s two people who make the three of them whole. That’s hard to explain until you’ve read the book. The best way I describe is that she is the other half of each of their souls and she’s the glue that makes it possible for Logan and Seth to be the family they always dreamed of.

Speaking of family… I couldn’t help but remember a scene from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch when I think of Bliss. There is no such thing as a “conventional family” in Bliss. Bliss is Ohana and Ohana means Family. There’s a scene towards the end of the movie where Stitch is explaining to the alien delegate (Mel would totally appreciate this) that Lilo and Nani were his family, they were small and broken but he found them and they were his. That’s pretty much how I would describe the community that is Bliss. They’re a family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. They have the guns to ensure it! Sure they have some seriously hot guys who like kink in the bedroom but I really think it’s that sense of belonging, without judgment or reservation, which Ms. Oak pours into each new story that keeps bringing her readers back time and again.

I was almost finished reading Back in Bliss when a song came on the radio that just seemed to fit this book to a tee. Sara Bareilles has a new song out called Brave that has Logan, Georgia and Seth written all over. It could have been written for them to sing to each other. These three characters provide each other with the inspiration, the desire to be more than they thought they could be, to let go of past hurts no matter how deep the wounds, to step out and show each other how big their BRAVE could be. I’m sure I say this with every book I review for Ms. Oak but this is another can’t miss addition to the series. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love right along with Logan, Georgia and Seth. There’s never been a better time to find Bliss.

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