An Angel for Daddy by Lucy Eden

An Angel for Daddy by Lucy Eden
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (136 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Ruby Hayes is intelligent, beautiful, great at her job and loves her students. She’s not too fond of me because despite moving to this small coastal California town only a month ago, I’ve managed to get on her bad side by consistently arriving late to pick up my daughter, Nina. It’s probably for the best. Between my job and adjusting to raising a little girl by myself, adding romance to the equation isn’t something I have time for.

Spencer Jones is successful, handsome, a doting father and terrible at reading a clock. His daughter, Nina also happens to my favorite student. Getting involved with the parent of a student is bad idea, no matter how witty and charming they might be. It’s probably for the best. Between my job, taking care of my dad and climbing out debt, a new relationship is the last thing I need.
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Who needs a dating app when five-year-old Nina Jones is the perfect matchmaker?

I thought it a sweet gesture that at such a young age, Nina has the foresight to look out for her father. I admired Nina for her being mature enough to understand her deceased mother’s request.

Nina and Ruby both share being daddy’s little girl in common. Ruby has to stay late with Nina because Nina’s father is constantly late picking up her up. Securities analyst Spencer Jones recently lost his wife, and decided to get a fresh start away from his family so the responsibility of his daughter is solely up to him. This is a quick and enjoyable read that didn’t have any drama or heartbreak. My preference is not for romance but for some reason I felt the need to read something kind, loving and where something good happens and this book gave me just that. This is a delightful and well written story about the power of love, commitment and family.

There is an immediate attraction between Ruby and Spencer, but neither is ready for a relationship. Ruby has a full time job and when she’s not working she’s taking care of her ailing father.

I enjoyed the relationship between Ruby and Spencer. There are adult scenes included but to me they were not needed to enhance the book. I do have to admit the passion between the two and the love scenes were hot. There is a hostage situation mentioned at Spencer’s job but no details of the situation were mentioned. All of the characters are likable and I am glad there was a happy ending for all.

The book has a nice ending that added a sentimental touch and a sweet closure. If you enjoy reading a happy, and upbeat story this is a story that you will enjoy.

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