Allison’s Deception by Shiloh Darke


Allison’s Deception by Shiloh Darke
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Dionde is the fourth and final brother to be plagued by the curse which damns him to be confined by the light of day in a stone prison, and a gray skinned beast with bat-like wings during the dead of night. His brothers have each found their freedom in the arms of their true loves, but he fears since he is the last, he will be forever doomed to remain as he is. When he rescues a young tourist, Allison, from a vampire, he feels his heart beat differently from the first moment he looks at her. Holding her in his arms, he knows she has always belonged there.

Allison was attacked and turned into a vampire before she even realized what was happening. Soon she discovers she is nothing more than a pawn in a darker game. She is bait for what Victor, her sire, truly desires: the Gargoyle. If she helps him get his desire, Victor will set her free, but soon, she discovers she can’t fight the attraction she feels for this beautiful, gentle beast. She knows to stay with him is to endanger him. Although her conscience demands she leave him before he can be hurt, she finds herself feeling a love she never believed possible.

Dionde and Allison have both surrendered to the idea of never finding anything better than the miserable lots they’ve been dealt. Now fate has stepped in and given them a love that will last throughout eternity. But will they embrace that love, or will they turn from it and risk losing what they have forever?

If you have been following this series you will not want to miss this book. This is the story of the last cursed brother and his mate. Dionde has given up on having let alone ever finding a mate. When he comes upon Allison he never doubts her and the love he has for her but can the two out run the vampires? What will be Allison’s choice? Who will she help, good or evil?

I loved watching Dionde find his mate and fight so hard to keep her. Allison may be small on the outside but she is so very strong on the inside. She fights for her mate with everything that she has and will not let the evil take over. Dionde is an honorable man trapped in a monster’s body. No matter what he may look like on the outside he is a good man on the inside. Allison sees past it all and sees the man he truly is. The two make a great couple and watching the love and trust grow between these two was a nice read.

I enjoyed my visit to this magical world the author has created. Not only do we get to see Allison and Dionde begin their relationship but we also get to revisit with the other brother’s and their mates. It was nice to see everyone come together to stand by Allison and Dionde. This book shows us that love is stronger than anything and it will always win in the end.


  1. Thank you so much for such a stunning review. I am so humbled to see the reviewer has read my other stories in the series! I do hope to get reviews from this site on some of my other stories as well.

    Sincerely, Shiloh

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