All Hallows Reunion by Heather Kinnane

All Hallows Reunion by Heather Kinnane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Liane and Toshi and Mason were lovers once, before the tragedy of Toshi’s death sent them in three very different directions.

Ten years later, Liane and Mason meet again at a Halloween party and sparks fly. Mason’s been learning some interesting things, and he summons Toshi’s spirit so Liane can say a proper goodbye.

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Even after ten years, Liane still hadn’t completely got over the death of her first serious boyfriend, Toshi. While at a party catching up with a few friends she hadn’t seen in ages, Liane bumps into Mason, Toshi’s best friend. The still-fresh memories of the threesome they had all shared that single, long-ago night rock Laine and she misses Toshi – and Mason – even more than ever. On Halloween, when the veil is particularly thin, could this be their second chance to get it right?

I really enjoyed this emotional and paranormal threesome story. Get the tissues handy – I can’t recall the last time I cried while reading a good book but this one had me all teary and emotional. Moving and sensual with both hope but also a good dollop of “what could have been” this book really tugged at my heartstrings.

While the threesome sex scene is smoking hot, I have to admit that a drink or two might be needed to suspend disbelief enough to roll with the ghostlike/paranormal aspects to the story. I really loved this short story was more about letting old regrets and missed chances go to rest rather than a strongly build alternate reality. Just relax and go with it. I certainly found that the interactions between the three main characters and the deeply emotional connections tying them all together was well worth a bit of unrealistic plot.

I also felt a minor niggle that even after ten years of grieving and trying to move on – both Mason and Liane were fully grown adults of twenty eight – they still hadn’t reached out to each other to either repair their friendship or at least answer the hurts and emotional wounds they each still carried. Neither of them had changed phone numbers and both admitted had they tried to communicate together they could have – but neither had even tried. That rankled with me a bit – why on earth wait ten years? – but again the connection and chemistry between the three characters, the emotional release of them having one last time together and rebuilding together was so sweet and well written I could overlook these niggles.

I personally really loved this short story though I can understand it might not be every readers favourite. I enjoyed the nostalgia, the deep emotions and the clean pain of releasing deep, old, scarred wounds. For an atmospheric, All Hallows Eve story and a quick, sexy read I found this to be lovely.

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