A Wolf’s Tale by Suzy Shearer

A Wolf’s Tale by Suzy Shearer
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short story (107 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When veterinarian Emily Brownstone, 55, finds a poisoned wolf on the roadside, she doesn’t realize the chain of events that will follow.

Someone is trying to kill off the native wildlife, and Emily’s action in saving the wolf will threaten her life, but will also bring her the man of her dreams.

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But even if she does accept him, will they find each other only to be torn apart by the danger that threatens the wildlife—and Emily?

Emily was in a rush to get home before the snow hit – but not in so much of a hurry she wouldn’t stop for an injured wolf on the side of the road. Unable to lift the large animal into the back of her jeep, she flags down help in the form of two brothers who were passing by. Despite the strange vibes Emily gets from them, she needs their help to rescue the wolf, and the large animal is more and more becoming a priority for her.

I found this to be an interesting and slightly mysterious paranormal romance. I enjoyed the writing style and was pleased with the faint air of thriller/mystery surrounding the story as a whole. I felt the plot of poisoning wolves and the tension between the humans and wolves was quite well drawn and not too clichéd. There were a few minor parts where I felt the writing was a little jarring and could have been smoothed out a little – like how Caleb and Raff – the two brothers who helped Emily load Tate, the wolf she rescued into her jeep – appeared to be menacing and intimidating to her one minute, then suddenly somehow managed to switch on the charm and Emily felt she could trust them. Even after a quick re-read I couldn’t understand the reason behind that sudden shift in Emily’s reading of the two men. I also found it jarring how Emily initially called the wolf “wolfie”. It felt odd to me considering the wolf was extremely large – far too heavy for her to maneuver – and a wild animal as well. The slightly babyish style of pet name “wolfie” kept pulling me out of the flow of the story.

I found the main characters really well drawn and I genuinely enjoyed the plot of the story – I was thrilled that it wasn’t just a token effort but really thoroughly woven in. Readers who enjoy paranormal romance should find this book as satisfying as I did. There’s plenty of chemistry and insta-lust burning between Emily and Tate, and although there’s a number of steamy kisses and heat between them, they don’t consummate their relationship until the very end of the story. I wouldn’t describe this story as erotic or overly explicit – nor the single consummation scene over the top. Readers happy with a strong plot, plenty of chemistry and connection, but satisfied with only the one fairly brief (only a few pages) sex scene should find this as enjoyable as I did.

I found the plot surrounding the poisoning of the wolves to be interesting and complex enough to retain my attention throughout the story. I would have enjoyed it had the conclusion and solving of this part of the mystery to have been a little slower-paced. A short time after finishing my first read I found small parts of this conclusion had escaped my memory and I needed to re-read these sections more slowly to really assimilate what had occurred. Usually this means that the pacing (for me, at least) was too fast While I love a good, fast-paced action sequence I’m not as keen when it’s so fast-paced these important parts blur in my head and I can’t remember them properly.

With a solid plot, a number of interesting and intense characters – and hopefully the potential for further books with other characters down the line – I found this to be a good and page-turning paranormal romance story. A good new-to-me author and someone I will be keeping an eye out for in the future.

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