A Very Special Christmas Present by Susanne Marie Knight

A Very Special Christmas Present by Susanne Marie Knight
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Historical, Holiday
Length: Short Story (17 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 5 stars
Review by Snapdragon

Her only brother killed in the Napoleonic Wars, romance is the furthest thing from grieving Deidre’s mind. However her young “niece”–Cupid’s curly-haired accomplice–is determined to give Auntie Dee the best Christmas present ever.

Deirdre Livingston accepts and invitation for the holidays with her once-time best friend Emma – who is now sadly both married and quite respectable. Stuffily respectable, in fact. She’d like to see Deidre married (for stability, of course) while Deidre sees that only as a loss of freedom.

Still, she’s there and goes along, very respectably to the very predictable ball (Emma has invited single gents of course). Predictably, a nobleman arrives: and from there, things are not predictable at all!

It starts with impish young Matilda’s efforts to liven things up. She hits on an unsuspecting guest first and things liven up from there.

Fans of the stories set in early nineteenth century England will find this a comfortably familiar world. The setting is completely perfect, from the wonderful home and dedication to needlework, to the holiday plans, and even the focus on marriage. You will enjoy Knight’s clever twist with descriptions – her snow-capped fir trees “huddle” from the cold, and main character Deidre expresses frustration by ‘savagely’ embroidering. Throughout, the phrasing is subtle but delightful. Its hard to say more without spoiling this one.

Full of Christmas charm, Susanne Marie Knight’s A Very Special Christmas Present, would make a very nice present for some lucky romance fan on your shopping list. I must admit my one wish is that it were longer! I will certainly re-read.


  1. Wow! This 5 star review is the best Christmas present ever!! :)) Thanks so much, Snapdragon, and Long and Short Reviews. Merry Christmas!!

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