A Dangerous Man by Anne Steves

A Dangerous Man by Anne Steves
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (69 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Mattie Brand has been warned that the new boarder is a dangerous man, but the young cook and housekeeper doesn’t believe it. She can see his heart, and she knows Miles Lamar is no criminal. In fact, she would stake her life on it. Can Mattie track down the real culprits–a cutthroat gang known as the Dardens–and save Miles from false accusations before the law takes him away from her? And will she succeed before her own dark past catches up to her?

Mattie Brand has a past that she isn’t to proud of, but when someone from her past shows up in Blackwater, Kansas will it ruin the new life that she’s started?

Caught up in a robbery Miles Lamar ends up being arrested and held at the local boarding house instead of the town’s jail. The boarding house just so happens to be where Mattie works. When Mattie lays eyes on Miles she sees her future husband, despite that he’s chained to the bed until his trial.

A Dangerous Man was a quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The attraction Mattie had for Miles was so sweet it was near innocent how she was drawn to him. I must admit to some surprise that she had faith Miles wasn’t the dangerous man that he was said to be. This is the ideal book to read on a relaxing weekend or evening. It had my attention from start to finish. The action scene was a surprise, and two thumbs up for the strong female character. Mattie has a past, but she didn’t make excuses, she is a take charge kind of woman. This has a nice happy romantic ending but still included more; my kind of read. Also I have to admit this is not the typical boy meets girl read that’s watered down with love scenes.

I will definitely read other books by this author. This is a highly recommended.

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