A Dangerous Liberty by Mary Sheeran

A Dangerous Liberty by Mary Sheeran
Women of Destiny Series

Publisher: Prairie Rose Publications
Genre: Historical, Romance, Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria

World-renowned composer and pianist Elisabeth Winters returns to the United States from Europe only to discover her life is in terrible danger. Though she wants nothing but to perform her concerts, she finds herself embroiled in layers of political and personal turmoil that have intertwined through the years she’s been abroad. The stakes are high—her life is in certain jeopardy.

When she meets handsome William de la Cuesta under odd circumstances, she can’t deny her immediate feelings of trust. Yet, there is something that disturbs her about him, as well…a memory she can’t quite grasp. How can she trust someone she doesn’t know—someone like de la Cuesta, who could have everything to gain by her murder? Does she have a choice?

As Elisabeth invokes controversy on many levels, her world becomes even more chaotic with the treachery she discovers taking place in her own inner circle. As the daughter of a prominent senator who was murdered many years before, she takes up the causes he fought and died for—and discovers those powerful men who killed him are now out for her blood, as well.

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A Dangerous Liberty challenged me. A novel that is supposed to wrap you up in the injustices of America’s past has instead artfully reflected that of our present. Fighting for liberties and freedoms for different races and genders, this is the kind of novel that could wake society up about our not so distant indiscretions and failings.

The language in this novel is so poignant and clear that it has reached out of the pages and grasped hold onto my mind like a vice. And even through this revolutionary rhetoric, we find undeniable love. William de la Cuesta and Elisabeth Winters are characters that resonate deeply with an aching world. Their own lives within the story are painted with many painful memories that hold them back from their true desires, but they have not held them back from trying to change the world around them for the better.

Watching two main characters setting their lives on the backburner for the greater good of the rest of their society is truly unique, and the tension created within this dynamic is incredibly tantalizing. The differing perspectives on each situation is enlightening and delightfully frustrating when the two are together but not hearing one another’s thoughts.

Elisabeth Winters is an ethereal beauty and extraordinarily talented, but it is her voice of reason and her resilience that are her true strengths. William de la Cuesta is devastating in form and stature, but his beauty comes in second to his righteousness as a character who will stop at nothing to right the wrongs of the past, while making moves strategically in a land that hardly accepts him.

While reading and waiting for the explosive love story to unfold, I was enriched with the wisdom of generations before me fighting for many of the same things we fight for today. Waiting for the work day to end so that I could get in a few precious hours of unwrapping this incredibly woven story, was possibly one of my greatest works of patience that I have performed to date.

Mary Sheeran has taken the genre of Historical Romance and created something timeless, while also extending a narrative that reaches far more than the tender places of the heart. A Dangerous Liberty is completely engaging, and it entirely encompasses its readers in thought. Pages filled with incredible longing for everything that is just beyond grasp, this novel keeps you running along Elisabeth in the Sierra’s, clinging to hope and the promise of changes yet to come.

Do not pass up the chance to experience this novel. It has all the elements of mystery, romance, intrigue, and historical significance that one could hope for, and it does not leave you wanting. An enamoring read from start to finish, A Dangerous Liberty is not a novel to be taken for granted, and it is certainly not one that will be forgotten.

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