Wicked Pleasures

Wicked Pleasures by Tambra Kendall
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Snowdrop

Honey Jordan is in trouble. Her Pa is giving her one week to find another place to live. Her fiancé has not finished their house. She discovered in telling her best friend about Granny Cordella’s sexual legacy, a box of wicked pleasure, she now might be a criminal.

Can she escape the clutches of the law and marry Brock?

Can she find the topaz treasure, ‘The Jewel of the Nile’?

Brock Ryan is in trouble. He’s about to lose his house and land because the will his Pawpaw left him is missing. His fiancée, Honey Jordan is in possession of certain sexual illegal items. His brother-in-law congratulates him and the Sheriff is threatening to haul Honey in for breaking the law.

Can Brock keep his fiancée out of jail and save his land?

Warning this title includes explicit language and toy play. Not for the faint at heart

“Wicked Pleasures” is a very well-written short story, which could easily be made into a full-length novel. The characters of Brock and Honey are obviously very much in love and dying to finally consummate their marriage. It would be interesting to read more about how Brock and Honey met and their courtship. Also, I would have liked to have learned more about the secondary character of Cousin Andrew and his attempts to commit fraud. But the author does a good job tying the two mysteries of Granny’s legacy and the missing will together in a quick, satisfying read. I was so completely vested in these characters that I wanted MORE! That’s the sign of some strong writing.

The lovemaking scenes are very hot and I loved the addition of the special items Granny Cordella left Honey in her will, along with explicit instructions on their use. What a clever idea on the author’s part. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable story that I happily recommend.

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